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Easy Eyeshadow Tips Which Can Change Your Life

The best thing about an eyeshadow palette is the sheer versatility it brings along in the terms of a myriad of looks which can be tried out using the same. Although it might seem a bit intimidating at the very onset, things start to look all simple and easy once you get accustomed with the tricks to wear eyeshadow properly. While dealing with primers, palettes, blending and colours, even the most experienced makeup junkie might feel dizzy. But coupled with the right knowledge and skills, you can bolster up your confidence and take the eyeshadow game a notch higher.

We compiled some easy eyeshadow hacks which can help you with that flawless look time and again:

  • Your eyeshadow routine simply cannot initiate without the application of primer in the very first place. Primer has been accredited with solving all the problems arising out of creased or oily leads and fading or smearing of eye shadows while making it look much more spectacular on the go. While deciding on how to make eyeshadow look good without the application of primer, you can even opt for a concealer under the eye shadow. The concealer can do a decent job as long as it has a thick consistency.

  • If you are pondering over how to make eyeshadow blend in seamlessly, then you need to bring home high-quality eye shadow brushes by bidding adieu to the itty-bitty sponge applicators which usually accompany the drugstore eye shadow palettes. Having a good makeup brush is the prerequisite of blending with perfection and taking your eye shadow look to the next level.

  • You can make your eyes stand out by opting for the cut crease mechanism especially if your lids are not well defined. While you wear eyeshadow, choose a dark colour and blend it along the upper crease of your eyelid by connecting the end of the line with your eye’s outer corner. Rather than looking straight ahead at the mirror while doing this, you should look downwards as that will help you in finding your crease. For creating contrast, you can apply a lighter colour on your mobile lid. Add some liner and mascara to complete the look as you flutter away to perfection.

  • Applying a white base can cause the colours of your eye shadow to pop. You can utilise a stick pencil for doing this job in an easy manner as you blend the white pigments all over your lid and apply eye shadow on top of the same for a richer feel.

  • To make eyeshadow look extra gorgeous, you can apply some white shadow on your brow bone and delight at your final mirror image of an instant brow lift. White shadow is known to act as a highlighter and hide errant eyebrows especially if you couldn’t manage enough time for the threading session at the parlour. However, you need to blend it all properly as the last thing you would desire is a crazy white streak over your eyes.

  • By lining your lower waterline with a white pencil eye shadow, you can open up your eyes instantaneously by making them look bigger and awake. This trick can serve as a life-saver especially when you have an early morning meeting where you are expected to look prim and proper in spite of binge watching Netflix movies the last night. You can also opt for nude shades to complement your eyeshadow if you feel the white colour to be too harsh for your taste.

  • If you are wondering how to fix eyeshadow palette in a quick and easy manner then you can simply add some drops of rubbing alcohol to the broken shadow and mix it using a stick or spoon prior to pressing it flat using a tissue. The eyeshadow has to be properly dried after this and used to perfection for steaming up your party look.

  • You can make the most out of makeup tutorials regarding how to make eyeshadow accentuate your look by developing a clear understanding of your eye shape. Your eyeshadow might not be properly visible if you have hooded eyes and while they are open. Thus, in such cases you need to focus mostly on the shadow efforts at the outer corners and underneath the lower lashes for best results. Close-sets can be perked up by concentrating darkness on the outer corners whereas wide-set eyes can strike the right balance with dark hues at the inner corner. Smokey effect is perfect for girls having deep-set eyes while monolids can take their pick amongst highlights at the center of the lid and cat eyes.

  • Dealing with the problem of eyeshadow fallout can be tackled by doing the eye makeup at the very onset and following it up with the rest of your face. In this way, you can carry out with the makeup without having to worry about your concealer or foundation. Alternatively, you can make use of an eyeshadow shield.

  • You also need to choose an eyeshadow colour which will be in absolute contrast with the colour of your eyeballs. While copper and bronze colours are perfect for blue eyes, purple and taupe range can complement the hazel, green and brown eyes perfectly. If you want to make eyeshadow blend in seamlessly, then you need to be cautious of your skin tone as the warmness of your eyeshadow needs to be directly proportional with the darkness of your skin tone.

These dynamic beauty essentials can suffice for everything starting from nail polish to lip gloss. You just need to pick the desired shade and mix some Vaseline and other materials to come up with some cool DIY cosmetics. If you wish to make eyeshadow look bold and thick, then you need to create the right depth by applying lighter-coloured shadow over your eyelid and following it up with darker hues on the crease of the eye. The main aim here is to create an element of dimension without forgetting about blending the colours in the right manner.



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