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Taaza Tadka

Cover Your Self in Style and Wear Lots of Colors

Fashion Lifestyle dev 20 September 2018

Flowers are the essence of any relationship and they make you bloom. Zaful presents a brand new beautiful nude colored jacket that has lovely mustard flowers embroidered on it. This jacket is with standing collar and has a zipper. Pockets are a savior sometimes, and this jacket certainly saves you from keeping everything in hand.  Deep pockets are a good storage and enhances the utility of the jacket. The embroidery done is also in a contrasting shade that is subtle and yet stands out and gives this jacket a feminine outlook. So, if that is what is in your mind, go for it!

Add some funk is like adding some spark to the dull life, this long jacket follows the rule of being super swanky and funky. The lovely cut work at the back and contrasting blue print visible from this makes it a must buy. Wear that cap and adorn yourself with your favorite boots to be ready for that wonderful excursion. The earthy look of the jacket makes you feel close to nature and the best part is the fact that you can pair this brown jacket with any color lowers. The Jacket is available at Zaful , so take you rpick soon!

Hues when bright add the same brightness to your day as well as to your life. It is not said in vain that bright clothes make the day better. To follow this principle of being vibrant, Zaful’s jacket with various color patch work is the most desirable jacket at the moment. The grey  part of the jacket makes it subtle and contradictory to that, the yellow and red are ultra bright that makes you smile whenever you look into the mirror wearing this crazy patched piece. Buy this now and look chic in this oversized jacket.

Bling is festive and when you wear bling, it becomes festive anyhow. When you find nothing to wear that is when the bling comes into picture as it matches and contrasts well with all colors leaving you look gorgeous. This stupendous lovely shiny jacket is something for keep sakes as it can be worn over any silhouette and at all times of the day. The clothes often reflect your mind, so use this trick vice versa, whenever you feel low, wear this jacket and upsurge into the new high with your playful character for which Zaful helps you wholeheartedly! Click Here.

Chic and sporty are contradictions! who says? they go hand in hand and look amazing especially when you wear natural colors, such as sky blue. This jacket prevents the chilly waves of the winter entering your body; however, will also look great when you wear this. To add to the existing sporty theme, a number on the shoulder of this jacket is mentioned that makes you feel like a player and gives you an identity. For those who have a lucky number, this sky blue is your lucky charm. Zaful gives you this chance to buy in lowest prices.



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