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About 42 CRPF Bravehearts Who Left Our Soul Aching: Pulwama Attack

Information Ritu 16 February 2019

The Pulwama attack that took place on 14th of February 2019 has stunned the country with the bereavement of 42 Pulwama CRPF martyred soldiers who were in the course towards Kashmir when a car with 60kgs of Explosive hit their truck.

Here is the list of all those 42 CRPF soldiers who fled to heaven without any regrets. Let us never forget our real men.

  • Naseer Ahmad – Children of Naseer Ahmad have no idea that their father is no more with them. He belongs to a village called Rajouri. He was asked by his family members to take more rest, but he chose duty first.
  • Rattan Kumar Thakur – The last word he said to his father was –“Will call you from Srinagar.” The father of the late CRPF jawan asked tough questions to the country as what was the fault of the soldiers who were going to duty without any complaints and regrets. Do they deserve such pain and death?
  • Jiamal Singh – He was a resident of Ghalauti village and was driving the bus in convoy. He left his wife and a five-year-old son after him. In a few days, the company of Jiamal Singh was about to be shifted to another place.
  • Sukhinder Singh – He was serving CRPF since 2003 and was the elder son of the home. He left his wife and a few years old kid behind him. The time his family received the news of his demise, everyone is in shock and are unable to speak a word.
  • Tilak Raj – Just fifteen days back, Tilak Raj was blessed with a baby boy. But the sad part here is he could not even give his son a name. His wife is unconscious since the time she heard about the news.
  • Rohitesh Lamba – His brother’s health condition is getting worse day by day while the other members of the family have not been informed yet. He did get time to meet his newborn daughter who is now just three months old.
  • Vijay Soreng – He was the resident of Jharkhand and has joined the forces in the year 1993. He was among the 42 CRPF jawans who left their life in the attack. Mother of Vijay Soreng is urging for the revenge.
  • Vasantha Kumar – He was dedicatedly serving the country from past 18 years and was undoubtedly a hero. Coming from the village of Kerala, Vasantha Kumar was transferred to Kashmir.
  • Manoj Kumar Behera – The very last thing that Manoj Kumar Behera has whispered to his wife was that he would come back. He was the only son and the earning member of the family. He has left aging parents and a wife after him.
  • Gd Guru H – He was from Gudigree village and was 33 years old. Earlier he was posted in the state of Jharkhand and was now being transferred to Kashmir. He left a newly wedded wife. The marriage took place just six months back.
  • Narayan Lal Gurjar – He was the resident of Rajasthan. The news of the attack has ripped open the family in tears. His wife and two children are continuously crying since the time they heard the news.
  • Mahesh Kumar – He was the resident of a village called Tudhira which is located in Meja. His father is an auto driver. The news of his death was nothing but a grave shock for the family. He left behind two sons and wife.
  • Pradeep Kumar – The time the attack took place Pradeep Kumar was talking to his wife on the phone. His wife said the phone suddenly got off and then later she received the news of the attack.
  • Hemraj Meena – The news of Hemraj Meena’s death made the entire family go under shock but his four-year-old son said – give me the gun, and I will not leave the terrorist.
  • Ramesh Yadav – The father of late Ramesh Yadav has alleged the government about the attack that took place and showed his anger towards the administration.
  • Sanjay Rajput – He was from Malkapur. The news of his death is yet to be given to the mother and sisters said the brother of the late jawan.
  • Kaushal Kumar Rawat – He was going to Kashmir to join the duty. The father after listening to the news tried to find his well being but ended up hearing the sad news.
  • Pradeep Singh – The family of the late jawan is completely shattered and are disappointed the current Modi government saying they don’t trust the government anymore.
  • Shyam Babu – He left a five-month-old daughter and four-year-old son behind him. The neighbor has urged for instant action.
  • Ajit Kumar Azad – Mother of late CRPF jawan said – The city is crying, and there is mixed emotion of pride and grief.
  • Maninder Singh Attri – He was from Gurdaspur and has just met his parents a day back. It is difficult to accept the demise said his father.
  • Bablu Santra – Coming from Howrah family Bablu Santra has lost his family at a young age and has sold fish for survival is now given his life for the country.
  • Asvhin Kumar Kaochi – He was 36 years old and was the youngest in the family.
  • Rathod Nitin Shivaji – Coming from the Rajput family, he was serving the country from years and was recently posted to Kashmir and was the part of the convoy.
  • Bhagirathi Singh – Two days back he promised his father of coming back had left two young kids after him.
  • Virendra Singh – He just joined the duty two days prior to the attack. The family received the news of his death through the TV.
  • Awadesh Kumar Yadav – Along with other, he left for the joining the Kashmir base three days back of the attack.
  • Kankaj Kumar Tripathi – The parents said that they are proud of their son but urge the government to take necessary steps
  • Jeet Ram – The whole village is mourning the death of late CRPF jawan Jeet Ram.
  • Amit Kumar – The death of Amit Kumar has urged the family to ask the government about the security of the soldiers working for the country
  • Vijay Kr. Mourya – His wife urged the government to take revenge from Pakistan.
  • Kulwinder Singh – Coming from Punjab was the only son of their parents.
  • Maneswar Bsumatari – The last wish of taking the family photo remained unfulfilled.
  • Mohan Lal – The daughter of the late CRPF jawan welcomed the dead body and paid tribute by saluting him in front of all.
  • Sanjay Kumar Sinha – He was all geared up to start the marriage proceeding of his daughter, but everything went on vain.
  • Ram Vakeel – The family of the late CRPF jawan has asked the government to avenge the death of their son.
  • L L Gulzar – The entire family is in grief and are unable to share the feelings.
  • M vashumatre – The death of their son has shaken the family and anger burst out asking the government to take the revenge.
  • Shubham anirang G – Left his family with no hope of coming back.
  • Amar Kumar – He visited the house to rejoice with family and loved ones, but the happiness could not remain for long.
  • Ajay Kumar – He was going to Kashmir to hold the new post with a happy smile and many promises but the attack ended everything.
  • Pk Sahoo – The death of the PK Sahoo has left the family mourning around with no hope of returning.

Going through the pain and thoughts running around the family pops only one thing in mind, and it is to avenge the death of the CRPF soldiers.



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