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Taaza Tadka

BJP’s 5 Steps to Victory: BJP to Celebrate Holistic Holi

After 2014 General election, B.J.P proved once again in 2017 U.P Assembly election that Modi’s wave is still effective. The tour to foreign countries has added fate to his destiny and, smart work to his hard work. B.J.P won 47 seats and 15 per cent vote share in 2012 election, decade ago. On contrary to this, 2017 U.P election has pasted twinkling stars on the B.J.P candidates. The B.J.P+ has won record number of 325 seats and gained 39.7 per cent of vote share. The catching part of this election was that, be it any religion, any caste or tribe voted for Modi.

Let’s see 5 strategies adapted by B.J.P to win U.P Assembly Election 2017:

1. Modi’s Nationalism:    

Modi’s moves since his appointment as P.M of India, showered blessings on him, with a man with nationalist feeling. Every step whether it was taken against corruption, cross border attack on terrorists in Myanmar or Pakistan or action against terrorists within India like Kashmir, or naxalites proved favourable to him. People saw in him a true nationalist.

2. Hindutva: 


Speeches based on Hindus by his party members like Aditya Jogi played a vital role to win the election and motivated Hindus to unite and vote for Modi/BJP. During the election campaign, Modi said, Agar gaon mein kabristan hai, toh shamshan ghat bhi hona chahiye. Agar Ramzan pe bijli milti hai, to Diwali pe bhi milni chahiye…”Amit Shah too made a comment: Uttar Pradesh ki janata is baar ke chunav mein is Kasab se mukti paa le. Kasab se mera matlab kuch aur mat nikaliyega. Kasab se mera matlab hai — KA se Congress, SA se Samajwadi Party aur B se BSP Leaders “ showed that they are the one who will stand by the Hindus in time of need.

3. Demonetisation: 

Demonetisation was seen as a hindrance by other political parties in the path of BJP’s coming to power. And it also disturb Indian Economy. In Fact because of Demonetisation India has faced economy issue too. Most of the economist said it was a very wrong decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But it was treated as fearless step by the voters toward corruption and big business man. It benefited B.J.P in right way because in reality, poor were not affected or had a very little impact on their life.





4. Ticket to non-Yadav and non-Jats OBC ie. MBC:

 B.J.P gave 27% tickets to Most Backward Cast(M.B.C), which account 22 % of state’s population. Confident of 19% votes of Thakur and Brahmins, B.J.P focused on B.J.P, giving around 170 seats to non-Yadav and non- Jats.”Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”

5. Right and successful alliance: 

B.J.P made an alliance with Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party(S.B.S.P) which represents Rajbhars and constitutes 18 % of population in eastern U.P, who are among 17 extreme backward classes in U.P. Alliance with Apna Dal(S) which represents Patel Kurmi population in central U.P. strengthened B.J.P.

This made B.J.P attack on B.S.P’s and S.P’s votes of Rajbhar, Kurmi and other M.B.C’s caste. Proving “Unity is Strength”.