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An Air Pollution Mask Can Add Years to Your Life

Health Fitness hrrsamuel 27 February 2019

Particulate matter which causes air pollution can be hazardousto our health. Breathing in polluted air has been linked to both lung and heart problems, and the verdict is that air pollution, to say the least, isbad for us.

Air pollution is identified to cut global average life expectancy by nearly two years (as per the report by University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute. The situation is worse in major Indian cities like Delhi, where continuous exposure to toxic air is taking away more than ten years from the life of an average person.

The Energy Policy Institute has also stated that if the quality of Delhi’s air meets the WHO annual standards, people can live six to nine years longer.However, it takes time to implement policies intended to improve air quality.

Though there is no easy solution, there is one thing you can do for yourself to reduce the toxins you inhale during the day. You can choose to wear an air pollution maskthat can help reducethe risk when you step out in that grey haze.

Using Air Pollution Mask Can Save You

Air pollutants can cause a wide range of health complications, including respiratory diseases, lung cancer, heart diseases, and can weaken your immune system too. The most hazardous pollutants include carbon monoxide, ozone, PM 10 and PM 2.5 particles – they are so small that they canliterallylodge themselves deep in your lungs.

Anti-pollution masks can, however, filter out pollutant particles. Studies have shown that the effects of pollution on heart rate and blood pressure are reduced in people who wear anti-pollution masks.

Therefore, wearing a mask can rid you of a number o frespiratory and cardiovascular issues, consequently adding years to your life. Using a mask can help you breathe clean air, thereby, saving you from dangerous diseases related to air pollution.

An anti-pollution mask’s ability to limit exposure depends on the type of mask itself. These masks are assigned a protection factor, which typically is the percentage of a pollutant that the mask removes. A protection factor of 95 implies that about 95% of pollutant sare filtered out by the mask, assuming the mask fits firmly on the face.

Today, anti-pollution masks come in a range of specifications and are pretty good for dealing with emission gases like nitrogen dioxide. Air pollution mask on Breathe Easy are 99 percent efficient in removing PM 2.5 and provide the much-needed breathing comfort.

How to Choose an Anti-pollution Mask?

Essentially, basic, surgical masks are not much effective as they don’t do much to keep the pollutants out. If we get down to analyze their effectiveness, they arejust as effective as using a scarf to cover your face.

The key is to find a mask that will firmly fit your face. Just because a mask looks good it doesn’t make it the best, it should be effective as well. Therefore, look for a mask that can filter up to 95 percent of harmful PM2.5atleast. N95 masks are the most basic to protect yourself from the fine particulate matter which isthe major cause of ailments in your body. For higher protection, N99 masks should be your preferred choice.

Further, you should consider a mask with an exhale valve, which will make it more breathable. If you want to use the mask while exercising or performing any other rigorous activity, consider one with two exhale valves –just for that added breathability .This will ensure that there is no excess fogging or moisture near your nose-bridge and eyes. A reusable anti-pollution mask is also a good choice.


Whichever mask you choose, don’t forget to protect your loved ones too. Children are most susceptible to the damaging effects ofair pollution. So, buy them some fun patterns that they will be excited to wear!

All in all, wearingan air pollution mask will give you the greatest peace of mind that the air you are breathing is clean. And as you get used to your anti-pollution mask, you will soon feel the benefits of its regular use. You will feel healthier and fitter!