Against Uniform Civil Code but want Equality WTF

If you are not supporting single law then why you are talking about Equality of nation ? Even Opposition like Congress is doing cheap vote banking politics.

Always we talk about equality in nation but when time come to follow it we back , why? equality, in which all people within a group have the same status .

uniform-civil-code-we-are-one-taazatadkaTo follow the Equality in law government has made Uniform Civil Code . Uniform civil code governing is proposal to replace personal law and merged all religion in one single law in which every citizen with a common set of Scriptures and each of the major religious communities in India.

These laws cover public law and marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance are distinguished. Muslim Law Board is against this law .They are not supporting this law

triple-talaq-debate-uniform-civil-code-not-good-for-nation-says-muslim-law-boardHazrat Maulana Wali Rahmani said “A uniform civil code is not good for this nation. There’re so many cultures in this nation, (they) have to be respected. India can’t impose a single ideology,” One of case of Triple talak it is in personal law and can,t be merged in uniform ,Muslim Law Board has consistently said . Rahmani said. “We are living in this country with an agreement held by the constitution. The constitution has made us live and practice our religion. In America everyone follows their personal laws and identity, how come our nation doesn’t want to follow their steps in this matter?

“Muslims equally participated in India’s freedom struggle, but their participation is always underestimated,” A Board official said. muslim-support-uniform-civil-code An influential Muslim body on Thursday the Central Government was creating an “internal war” .

“Muslims have scarified their lives for the freedom of the country and they were leaving peacefully by following their traditions. The Modi government is trying to sow the seeds of an internal war and hatred,” said Arshad Madni, who heads the Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind

If you were not supporting single law then why you are talking about Equality of nation ? If you support Equality then you should support Uniform Civil code .

Cheap Politics over Uniform Civil Code :

congress-leader-digvijaya-singh_650x400_71464974696In case of Uniform civil code politics is going on because only Muslim is not opposing this law but Congress party even not supporting this law because this law is launched by the Hindu right-wing Bharatiya Janta Party. Main motto of government regarding making this law is making people belonging to all religion set common governing for every citizen , Nothing else. But the Congress Party and All India Muslim Personal Law Board is making it “internal war” and region for Bad politics.

Rupanjali Upadhyay
Rupanjali Upadhyay

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