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9 Reasons why Breastfeeding much better than a Bottle

Information Avinash Kanugula 17 January 2018
Perhaps You Have Also Heard Something About The Advantages Of Breastfeeding Over Giving The Bottle. Maybe Someone Told You How Beautiful

Description: Perhaps you have also heard something about the advantages of breastfeeding over giving the bottle. Maybe someone told you how beautiful the experience of breastfeeding is and you are intrigued by knowing the true benefits for the baby that your mother gives you to breastfeed.

In fact, every year innumerable articles are written based on research that substantiates from a scientific point of view the wide benefits of breastfeeding and this makes the amount of information is abundant and sometimes difficult to cover.

It has been written much that breastfeeding not only strengthens the bond between mother and child but also contributes to the balance of the baby’s immune system, protects it from chronic diseases and even makes it more intelligent. But the benefits of breastfeeding do not end there, that’s why we share the nine reasons why breastfeeding is much better than a bottle:

1. It is the ideal food

When you breastfeed your baby you provide the complete food not only because it is a perfect combination of proteins, fats, and vitamins that nourish the baby, but also because it adapts to their growth.

That’s right, as the baby grows, the mother’s milk adapts to the changes in the nutritional values that it needs at each stage.

2. It digests and assimilates easily

Unlike chemical preparations, breast milk has a particular consistency that allows the baby to assimilate easily, which is beneficial to your growing digestive system.

Since it is digested better, the baby suffers from less gas and constipation than with formula milk.

3. Contributes to strengthen the immune system

Colostrum (that liquid that has been so demonized) is actually a great protection for the baby. This substance contains secretory immunoglobulin A that is responsible for forming a protective layer on the mucous membranes in the nose, throat, and intestines, precisely the parts most susceptible to infections, allergies, viruses, and bacteria.

In addition, breast milk has a large number of antibodies that help reduce the risk of the baby suffering from asthma, among other respiratory diseases.

4. Increase the IQ

Tested by the MaxCure Suyosha – Children Hospital in Hyderabad! According to this research, babies who have been breastfed for an average of one year are more likely to increase their IQ than those who bottle-feed.
The authors of the study found that there is a “causal relationship between the duration of breastfeeding with the development of receptive language and non-verbal intelligence.” This means that breastfeeding helps not only the physical but also the mental development of the baby.

5. Stimulates the development of different skills

A study conducted in 2013 by researchers from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health links breastfeeding with the development of different skills.
According to this research, breastfeeding (received at least until six months) stimulates the development of skills related to movement, coordination, and language of the baby.

6. Minimizes the risk of sudden death

Breastfeeding reduces the risk by almost 50% of suffering sudden death in the first month of life.

7. Encourages the development of the jaw

To give the teat favors the correct development of the teeth and the jaw and, consequently, of the speech of the future child. This happens because the act of sucking contributes to the advance of the baby’s jaw to a proper position. If instead this suction is done with the nipple of the bottle, the movements will be more passive and the muscles of the jaw will not develop in the same way as with breastfeeding.
Remember that correct suction and swallowing are essential to prevent alterations in the language.

8. Help maintain a balanced weight

Since breast milk contributes to the development of the jaw and teeth and to keep a well-functioning digestive system, the baby that feeds on breast milk usually has a balanced weight.
In addition, breast milk contains lepton, a compound that helps control obesity in adults and adolescents.

9. Create a strong bond between mother and child

This is the best-known reason but not the least important. When breastfeeding, the baby has the security and proximity needs that are so needed. And of course, skin-to-skin contact strengthens the bonds between the son and the mother and increases the self-esteem of both.

I do not want to stop telling you that these reasons are facts and that whatever your decision will always be the best because you will be taking into account your baby, your family and yourself.
Surely many people will try to give their opinion about it, but remember that no one can be placed in the position of making judgments for the decisions you make.
We hope that what you have read will serve as a guide for you to be informed about the magnificent benefits of breastfeeding and you decide to experience this magical experience.

Avinash Kanugula

Avinash Kanugula

I am a Professional Content Writer on Health Topics.