7 Mythological Characters From Indian History, Who Are Still Alive

When it comes to Hindu mythology, there are some fascinating claims, one of them is the existence of Chiranjivi. Chiranjivi in Indian mythology are immortals

When it comes to Hindu mythology, there are some fascinating claims, one of them is the existence of Chiranjivi. 

Chiranjivi in Indian mythology are immortals who are meant to live until the end of kali yuga. Here we are about to discuss the 7 immortals who have been wandering the earth for a long time.


Parshurama, a born brahmin, was a celebrated yogi and master of all Shastra and Astra. It’s been said that he earned the boon of immortality by Lord Shiva, who was impressed by his honesty and determination. He is also known to be the fifth avatar of Vishnu. 

After a Kshatriya king killed his father, Parashurama vowed to kill every single Kshatriya. He is said to have wiped the earth clean of kshatriyas thrice. He also cursed Karna, Kunti’s son, when he lied about his identity to him, which caused his tragic death in the war of Kurukshetra.


Vibhishan is the younger brother of the rakshas king Ravana of the land of Lanka. In the later parts of Ramayana, Vibhishan is crowned as the king of Lanka. He was innately noble and an honest character, and when Ravana refused to listen to his advice to set Sita free, he joined lord Rama’s army. It was upon Vibhishan’s advice on how to kill his brother Ravana that Lord Rama won a war that would’ve been impossible otherwise.   


Vyasa, also known as Veda Vyasa, is the author and narrator of the celebrated Hindu mythology text Mahabharata. Vyasa is also the author of the four Vedas, and it is believed that he divided the Vedas on the day celebrated as Guru Purnima. After completing the Vedas, Vyasa wrote Srimad Bhagavatam as he received advice from his mentor Narad Muni. Vyasa is said to be alive from Dwapar-Yuga and remains here till the end of Kali-Yuga.


Son of Virochana and grandson of Prahalad — Mahabali, also known as Bali, was the king of asuras. He was offered the boon of immortality by Lord Vishnu, who visited in disguise as a little boy Vamana. Lord Vishnu did so to test his loyalty and asked him for a charity of 3 paces of land. The benevolent king offers him as much he wants to take, which costed him more than he had to offer. Impressed by his sacrifice, Lord Vishnu gave him the blessing in the form of immortality till the end of Kali-Yuga.


Ashwathama, the son of Guru Dronacharya, was known in history as a great warrior. He was also the mentor of Pandavas; however, he fought against them when the war of Kurukshetra took place. Unlike the other Chiranjivi’s, the tale of Ashwathama getting immortality goes a different way. 

His immortality is the result of a curse landed upon him by Lord Krishna himself. He earned the curse on account of him killing a baby in the womb of Uttara with the help of Brahmastra. As a result of the curse, he still wanders the earth with all cuts and bruises from the war.


Kripa or Kripacharya, the son of Saradvana and Janpadi, was the fourth avatar of Brahma. As his name indicates, he was the acharya of children of kingdoms. He fought against the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war and sided with the Kauravas. 

Kripa was one of the few who were still alive after the war. He is said to have surrendered to the Pandavas and moved to Hastinapura with them. Later he becomes the mentor of Arjun’s grandson Parikshit.


Son of the monkey King Kesari and Anjana is devotion personified. He is also said to be the king of wind-god Pawan. The incarnation of lord shiva is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu’s avatar Lord Rama. After the war of Lanka ended, Lord Rama Hanuman return to the land of Ayodhya. 

In the court, when offered gifts by Lord Rama, hanuman refused to accept them and only asked a place at the feet of Lord Rama. Impressed by this, he was blessed with immortality. Now it is said that hanuman roams the land of earth and will continue to do so as long as Lord Rama remains in the hearts of people.

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