6 Handy Tips To Look Presentable Everyday

Let your body revive and rejuvenate. Follow these presentable look tips to make your look refreshed everyday in any of the situation
6 Handy Tips To Look presentable everyday
Being presentable is a vital first impression.

Irrespective of your gender, social role and profession, it’s essential to look decent and well groomed all the time. Not only you feel confident and energetic but you come across as someone who owns a good personality and demeanour.

A person who looks shabby and messy will give a bad impression. I’m sure you know that a person’s presentation is considered a part of nonverbal communication.

You judge a person even before he opens his mouth. But that’s all physical. You mainly focus on looks and conduct.

I don’t mean you should be dressed in designer clothing and make a style statement all the time, rather try and maintain a decent appearance by staying clean, shaven and neatly dressed. You obviously have to check your behaviour too.

Wearing well-fitted clothes, shoes and a nice fragrance would then add to your sweet disposition.

Let me make this easier for you. Follow these simple tips and you will go a long way in keeping up your charisma –

1. Pay Attention To Your Outfit:

Always make sure to wear clean and washed clothes. They should be stain and odour free. Check for any loose threads which need to be fettered up.

Iron your clothes properly to get rid of wrinkles and folds. Wearing them right after laundry will give an impression you are just out of bed.

You don’t have to be a fashionista. All colors and patterns are good. Wear what you like. It’s simple – if you like a particular color, you’re most likely to carry it well.

Pay attention to your footwear too. Even if you don’t like to polish your shoes everyday, they should be clean and dirt free.

Or if you like wearing boots or sneakers, make sure to lace up properly.

2. Get A Good Sleep:

Don’t compromise on your sleep.

Always take a good 7-8 hour sleep. Though some people get charged up in a short span but this is minimum if you have to have ample energy during the day.

Proper rest will help you generate stamina and vigor to deal with hectic tasks. You will have puffy eyes and look dull if don’t sleep well.

Let your body revive and rejuvenate.

6 Handy Tips To Look everyday grooming3. Hold Your Posture:

Being slouchy with drooping shoulders looks unhealthy.

Keep your head high, shoulders thrown back and stomach squeezed in. It will make you look attractive and smart.

Even the best of clothes will make you look shoddy if you don’t maintain a good carriage while walking and sitting. vA good posture also makes you look confident and in control. Women can try wearing a good corset under or on top of their dresses. Not only it is highly supportive but makes them look slim and even prevents from slouching.

4. Everyday Grooming:

Remember hygiene and health comes first than anything. There are a few basic things that should always be followed;

  • Keep your nails trimmed and clean.
  • Men – You should shave every day. If you maintain a beard, ensure trimming it regularly.
  • Women – You look even more presentable with fresh nail paints on.
  • Using makeup can enhance your looks so invest in it.
  • Take regular and proper showers.
  • Use a deodorant if you sweat and perspire.

6 Handy Tips To Look everyday maintain your mane5. Maintain Your Mane:

Wash your hairs 2- 3 times a week or depending on your routine and work. vComb them before you go out and head to sleep. Keep them tied if you have long straights, curls or tresses.

You can also perform easy DIY treatments at home or get spa done at the salon once in a while.

6. Always Carry Yourself With Grace:

Nobody likes a loud and sloppy person. Quiets and artists have less followers too 🙂

Practice and perform being composed and in control of your actions. Be good and polite with people. Grace never goes out of style.

The tried and tested mantra of ‘Gratitude’ works 10 out of 10 times. Make it a habit to thank and appreciate people.

Just follow these tips and you are ready to go.
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