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5 New Ways to Wear T-Shirts that you Should Definitely Try

Fashion Abhilash Tyagi 23 July 2018

T-shirts have long been the staple in every man’s wardrobe. While some may consider it to be the go-to clothing item for every occasion, for others, it shouldn’t be worn after reaching the age of puberty. The topic of t-shirts have been hotly debated in the fashion industry but there is something people unanimously agree on, t-shirts need definite styling to salvage them from looking utterly mundane.

While the tried and tested way of wearing a t-shirt with a pair of blue denim jeans is a timeless success, there is no harm in trying your hand at something new.

Here are 5 new ways of wearing t-shirts:-

Business Casual


Throw on a suave blazer over your t-shirt to give your look some dimension. The look is appropriate for a wide range of events, be it a housewarming party or a corporate outing. The attire is best suited for the autumn season. The extra layer of clothing will keep the cool air away while making you look hot. Pair it with broad frame spectacles to complete the look. Keep the t-shirt understated when you opt for this aesthetic. Try shopping for Cool T-shirts online, preferably of a muted color and top it with a blazer that is bound to catch people’s eyes.

Go Bold

A plain white shirt can be a bit bland. Replace your run of the mill white t-shirt with something that makes a more profound statement. You can opt for graphic t-shirts or one of the funny t-shirts that have a striking catchphrase or meme printed on them. This look would set you apart from the crowd and would also make for a great ice-breaker on the first dates. Opt for a bold eye-catching color that would jive in well with the bold fashion-statement.


Accessorise your bland t-shirt with cool accessories like a hemp necklace, trendy sunglasses, and wooden bracelets. This would add some complexity to your wardrobe which a plain t-shirt would sorely lack. Top your ensemble with a suave hat to keep yourself cool, literally and figuratively. Learn a few hat tricks on the journey to discover your own fashion statement and keep winning the hearts of many ladies. The look is perfect for a summer vacation on a beach where the hemp or the coral necklace would blend in with the backdrop and the straw hat would provide you some respite from the harsh sun rays.

Rocker T-shirts



Yes, this might be bending the rule a little. You favourite rock star has the ability to make virtually anything cooler, even a plain black t-shirt. However, you do not want to stick out like a sore thumb when a fellow band enthusiast strikes a conversation with you regarding the band tee. Always remember, only wear tees of rock bands that you are genuinely interested in to avoid awkward situations.

Casual Chic

Embody the comfortable and casual vibe of the t-shirts by dressing them down. Pair the t-shirts with comfortable sneakers and loose jeans and go on about your day with your body feeling breezy and relaxed. The ensemble is perfect for summer weather when the Sun is hot and the temperature is high. Complete the look with a pair of casual canvas shoes which are easy to walk and run in.

As you can see, there is no right way of wearing t-shirts for men. It depends on individual taste and what kind of occasion you are going to. Try these innovative tips to give your t-shirts a new stylish twist!

Abhilash Tyagi

Abhilash Tyagi

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