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3 OnePlus 8 Pro Issues where You Need Professional OnePlus Repair Services

OnePlus Repair Services

OnePlus 8 Pro is the “flagship Android smartphone” that comes with a more powerful processor, great camera sensors, bigger battery, and a rating of IP68, which makes it resistant to water and dust. These and other features, including a higher refresh rate display, make OnePlus 8 Pro a prized possession. So, when you encounter issues while using it, you are bound to get upset. However, experienced technicians, who are known for their excellent OnePlus repair skills, can solve most of the issues easily. And, some issues you can solve yourself by just updating the software. It is, however, recommended that you take the help of knowledgeable technicians if a damaged component needs to be replaced.

Let’s take a look at some of the common OnePlus 8 Pro issues and how to fix them.

Display Issues

Some users often encounter a green tint across the dark OnePlus 8 Pro screen, especially when the refresh rate is set at 120Hz. If you are seeing it on your screen, do not think that you have bought a defective smartphone. The green tint appears on the screen because of a black-bar related problem. According to OnePlus, under some low light settings, “an extremely slight brightness difference may potentially be observed.” It also emphasised that this does not affect the performance of the OnePlus 8 Pro. Moreover, OnePlus has already released software updates to solve the problem of this green tint.

Some OnePlus 8 Pro users also complain about the black crush display issue. Because of this problem, the dark scenes appear pixelated in the videos, which spoils the viewing experience. It is again a software problem and not caused due to faulty hardware. The company has apparently addressed this problem with multiple software patches. OnePlus said in a statement in May, “We are looking into the ‘black crush’ issue which we aim to address in the upcoming OxygenOS update.” Still, if you face this issue, it is a good idea to visit a reliable service centre. 

Touchscreen Issues 

Your OnePlus 8 Pro touchscreen can be slow to respond, and you are most likely to experience this problem when your display resolution is set at Quad HD and the refresh rate is set at 120Hz. You can solve it by reducing the display resolution and the refresh rate. This issue might also get fixed if you just set the display resolution at Full HD. Some users fix the problem by reducing the animation speed in the Developer Options menu or by disabling the three-finger screenshot gesture.

The unresponsive touchscreen is another common OnePlus 8 Pro problem. In most cases, this issue can be resolved by removing the screen protector, cleaning the screen, or by restarting the device. If these simple steps do not make the touchscreen responsive, check whether some apps are causing the problem. If yes, remove them. The touchscreen might also begin to respond once the developer setting is turned off. And, when none of the steps work, factory reset your OnePlus 8 Pro. And, if the touchscreen continues to be unresponsive, you have no other option but to book an appointment with a service centre that is focused on OnePlus repair.  

Cracked Screen

OnePlus service centres usually receive a high number of cracked screen repair requests. And, even your recently bought OnePlus 8 Pro’s screen can get smashed in an accident. After all, no matter how careful you are, you cannot prevent unforeseen circumstances. Your OnePlus 8 Pro might slip from your hand and hit the ground. And result in a cracked screen. And, the only way you can solve this issue is by replacing the damaged screen. It is better not to replace the OnePlus 8 screen yourself, as you might end up further damaging the device. Take the help of experienced and well-trained technicians who are known for quality OnePlus screen repairsThey have the skills and tools that are needed for screen replacement. However, before you give them your OnePlus 8 Pro, make sure that they are going to replace the original screen with a genuine screen.     


OnePlus smartphones are known for their top performance and the new features of the OnePlus 8 Pro model have significantly raised the performance bar. But, you might encounter a few issues while using it — due to accidental damage or because of a software problem. If it is a physical damage, you definitely need to book an appointment with a service centre that is known for flawless OnePlus repair. While software-related issues can be solved through software updates or factory reset, you can visit a service centre for better guidance.

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