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25 Unknown Heroes and Freedom Fighters of Indian Independence

Indian independence was achieved after several people sacrificed their lives for their homeland. While we remember some of the famous freedom fighters who led this country to independence
Information Dinesh Goswami 13 October 2019

Indian Independence Was Achieved After Several People Sacrificed Their Lives For Their Homeland. While We Remember Some Of The Famous Freedom Fighters Who Led This Country To Independence

Indian independence was achieved after several people sacrificed their lives for their homeland. While we remember some of the famous freedom fighters who led this country to independence, several names of equal importance have been forgotten. 

This article remembers the unknown Indian heroes who made a huge difference in bringing the revolution in the minds of ordinary folks by setting an example in front of them.

This article remembers the unknown Indian heroes who made a huge difference in bringing the revolution in the minds of ordinary folks by setting an example in front of them.

Matangini Haz

Although shot, Hazra kept protesting with all her will while participating in the Quit Indian movement and the Non-Cooperation Movement. Her chants of “Vande Mataram” bought belief in the minds of Indians for whom the freedom struggle became a lost cause. 

Begum Hazrat Mahal

A woman turned rebel after the death of her husband; she took over Lucknow and Awadh during her rebellion. Noticing her fearless attitude, people flocked around her to join her cause that later turned into a massive revolt. However, after a long-fought war, she had to retreat to Nepal. 

Senapati Bapat 

After being jailed for vandalism, Bapat turned himself into a Satyagrahi, thus not taking the path of violence anymore. He led the Mulshi Satyagraha, which is why he was given the title of Senapati. 

Aruna Asaf Ali

One of the lesser-known freedom fighters of India, she hoisted the Indian National Congress’s flag during the Quit India Movement, just at the age of 33. 

Potti Sreeramulu 

Follower of Mahatama Gandhi, he was dedicated to his nation’s freedom and always worked for the country. Impressed by his works, Gandhiji once said: “If only I have eleven more followers like Sreeramulu, I will win freedom in a year.”

Bhikaji Cama

Back in the day, Bhikaji Cama was a symbol of gender equality after whom, several roads and different buildings have been named. Donating most of her belongings to orphanages for girls, she hoisted the Indian flag at the International Socialist Conference in Germany in 1907.

Tara Rani Srivastava

Losing her husband to the protests outside the Siwan Police Station, she did not lose any hope and kept fighting against the British. Bandaging her husband’s wounds, she kept protesting with the flag held high, who eventually succumbed to his injuries. Her selflessness inspired the majority of people who witnessed these protests and made their movement much stronger.

Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi 

Despite being arrested by the British time and again, his dedication towards his country’s freedom kept him going, contributing mightily in the Quit India Movement. Apart from his presence in the protests, he also founded Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. 

Peer Ali Khan

He is one of the most renowned freedom fighters who initialized the freedom movement in India. Being a part of the 1857 war of independence, Peer Ali Khan gave people the hope of an independent and free India. 

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

The first woman to be arrested by the British, Kamaladevi, made the women of India realize how vital their contribution will be for the country’s independence. She played a huge role in reviving the economy of our country by bringing back the handicrafts and handlooms industries. She also was the first woman to run for a legislative seat in our country. 

Garimella Satyanarayana

A writer by profession, this man from Andhra inspired the mass with his work of influential poems and songs to join the movement against the British. 

Tirupur Kumaran

This freedom fighter founded the Desa Bandhu Youth Association. Tirupur was shot in 1932 for holding a flag during the protests against the British, who banned the very flag of Indian nationalists. 

Raj Kumari Gupta 

Raj Kumari Gupta was crucial in the kakori case as she was charged with supplying revolvers to those who carried the operation. Working with the likes of Mahatama Gandhi and Chandrashekhar Azad, she and her husband acted as a critical catalyst in the freedom struggle of India. 

Lakshmi Sahgal 

Captain Lakshmi was not only an officer in the Indian army but also a World War II veteran. Under Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, she formed a female regiment by the name Rani of Jhansi, where she was ranked as a captain as well. 

Birsa Munda

He proved to be an inspiring front, leading the tribals on Bihar and Jharkhand into the fight against the British. Though he died at a critically young age, his contributions to the freedom movement in India were incomparable.

Durgabai Deshmukh

Strictly abiding by her principles, Durgabai led numerous Satyagrah movements against the British. In 1923, she did not allow Pandit Nehru to enter the Khadi exhibition until he was provided with a pass by the organizers.

Ke Mammen

Follower of Mahatama Gandhi, Ke Mammen was a young freedom fighter during the 1940s who never let his age come in between his freedom struggle. Showing real courage and grit, people like him put together were the reason for us breathing in free India. 

Sucheta Kriplani

Founder of the All India Mahila Congress, Sucheta Kriplani was the first woman to become a chief minister of an Indian State. She was also a supporter of Gandhi and with him, led many freedom movements in our country. 

Abadi Bano Begum

More than a freedom fighter, born in 1852, she became an inspiration for most of the Muslim women to join the struggle for freedom. She never let her customs come in between the services she wanted to provide for her country.

Parbati Giri

This 16-year-old freedom fighter proved to be essential for the Quit India Movement. Being jailed for 2 years at such a young age did not let her hopes faint as she continued the protests for freedom until achieving it in 1947. 

Alluri Sitarama Raju

Leading the Rampa rebellion in 1922, Alluri not only made the local tribes realize the importance of freedom struggle but also made sure they took a full part in it. For his bravery in the rebellion, he was nicknamed Manyam Veerudu by the locals.

N.G. Ranga

Ranga worked for the peasants during the British rule and also led the Indian Peasant Movement. It was N.G. Ranga who made sure that the peasants were given equal rights making him a champion for the peasants. 

Velu Nachiyar 

The first one to wage war against the British, Velu opposed the British even before the sepoy mutiny. 

Tirot Singh

Cheif of the Khasi people, Tirot Singh died a hero’s death as he was killed by the British while he attempted to take over the Khasi hills. 

Kanaklata Barua

Being a part of the Quit India Movement, Barua has statues made after her. She was a prominent figure who led the Quit India Movement with others but, unfortunately, was shot during the revolt itself. 

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