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25 Important Things Indian Should Know About Delhi’s Signature Bridge

Information Ritu 6 November 2018

Delhi’s signature bridge has finally constructed and is open to the public. The whole of Delhi and the entire country was part of it and made it memorable. It is not only about a bridge but is a matter of pride for the people and the nation. It took fourteen years for this project. If we see the records, the only reason that comes out by the Aam Aadmi Party officials is that the BJP tried to delay the project of Delhi’s signature bridge. The other reasons are environmental check, fund issues, dues and all. There are many such fascinating facts about the Delhi’s signature bridge. Here discussing the 25 important things, every Indian should know about Delhi’s signature bridge.

Take a look, and you will surely plan to enjoy this site very soon.

#1. 14 Years Delay:

The announcement of Delhi’s signature bridge was made in the year 2004, but it took over 14 years for its inauguration. That is really a wide and unexpected gap. At first, it was set to be completed by the time of Commonwealth games of 2010 with an expected cost of 1,131crore.

#2. Tragic incident:

It was proposed in the year 1997 after a very tragic incident in which school bus fell into the Yamuna River with the death of total 22 children; but got delayed now and then for one or the other reasons.

#3. Cost involved:

The estimated cost at first was 887crore then got increased to 1,131crores, and today it reached to 1,575crores. Starting from around 800crores, the construction reached massive 1500crores, and still, some more works need to be done so that it gets open for the public on the whole.

#4. Government involvement:

The Aam Aadmi Party took the initiative of Delhi’s signature bridge and completed it which was proposed back in 2004 and made it successful.

#5. Inauguration:

The inauguration of the Delhi’s signature bridge was done on November 4th, 2018 by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi along with Manish Sisodiya, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi.

#6. First asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge in India:

Delhi’s signature bridge is going to be the first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge of our country with a total height of 675 meters.

#7. Eiffel Tower view:

Delhi’s signature bridge will give the feel of the Eiffel Tower situated in Paris as from the first level of the bridge the view of the city is going to address in panoramic mode. From here one can enjoy the beautiful view of the city and can be said as the observation deck.

#8. Tourist spot:

At one time 200 people can be taken to the top of Delhi’s signature bridge with four lifts carrying 50 people on one lift individually. The lifts are supposed to start working in the next two months. The work is still going on will come up in the second phase. So, people have to wait a little more for the panoramic view.

#9. Namaste:

It will be represented as “Namaste” our very own traditional gesture. It is one more example of associating it with our traditions.

#10. Travel time reduction:

It will not only be helpful in reducing the traffic and travel time between northeast and north Delhi but will also be known for being a tourist spot.

#11. Taller than Qutub Minar:

The Delhi’s signature bridge is equipped with a glass viewing box which is of the height of 154 meters and is twice that of the ancient Qutub Minar. Plus to give the pleasant view of the beautiful Yamuna River the Najafgarh drain is being cleaned.

#12. Incredible India:

The graphics designed on the bridge is the beautiful amalgamation of progressive and modern India.

#13. Carriageways:

Delhi’s signature bridge has eight-way carriageways.

#14. Selfie time:

The bridge has several selfie spots. It is a creative thought as people of all ages are very much fascinated by taking selfies.

#15. Unbelievable strength:

Delhi’s signature bridge is covered with steel plate fabrication having a thickness of 250mm to give its support and strength.

#16. Enhance tourism:

It is expected that the Delhi’s signature bridge will turn out to be an iconic tourist destination for people abroad as well being one of the modern-day sites of the capital city. It is supposed to grab people from NCR Delhi as well. This will, in turn, increase tourism in the city that is being drastically affected due to traffic and pollution.

#17. Reduce travel time by 30 minutes:

The travel time between Ghaziabad and Bhopura Border, Timarpur, Baurer, Mukherjee Nagar will reduce by 30 minutes. Seeing the public reaction, they are really very happy and share their views stating how much this bridge is going to help them in their daily life. It is expected that the traffic problems will come to an end.

#18. Alternative route:

Delhi’s signature bridge will share the traffic with Wazirbad Bridge by connecting Outer Ring Road both situated on two different directions. It is going to be beneficial for everyday life and will become the alternative route to access for the Delhi people.

#19. Coupled task:

The development of Delhi’s signature bridge is divided between the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation and the central government.

#20. Yamuna involvement:

Delhi’s signature bridge is constructed on the banks of Yamuna.

#21. Pylon shape:

The Bridge has 154m tall bowed shaped pylon. Delhi’s signature bridge has backstay cables of total 127 strands and spherical bearings of 17,300 tonnes. It has the vertical capacity.

#22. Boomerang:

The Bridge can handle transportation of 460 tonnes of pylon base. The pylon is the shape of Boomerang and is made up of steel. At present, it will open for the two-wheelers only and after the work is completed four-wheelers will be allowed.

#23. Pendulum bearing:

To resist uplift the Delhi’s signature bridge is made up with the pendulum bearing of 6300 tonnes.

#24. Wait is not over:

As per the officials, the bridge will be closed for a month more so that the work of the glass deck and elevators can be completed. The final opening is supposed to be done in February next year.

#25. Bird Eye View of whole Delhi:

Delhi’s signature bridge is opened for the public, but the glass deck on the top will remain closed for the public for upcoming 2-3 months. It is going to offer the Bird’s Eye View from the top.

Delhi’s signature bridge is going to be treated to eyes and has added one more feather on out tourist spots. It is one of the expensive projects taken out in our country plus of the Government of Delhi, and the outcome is fantastic and glamorous. The view of the bridge during the night is just breath-taking. Yes, without any doubts it has taken long over delays, but it is not too late to see the illuminations of the bridge.  It shows the hard work put into the construction. This bridge is supposed to be a source of augmentation in the economy of not only Delhi but of the whole country with regard to tourism. It is a great initiative taken by the government for both the local people and for the tourists as well.

Frankly speaking, the real essence of the bridge will take some more time that is likely two to three months as the work is still going on. The elevators are not yet operational, and the glass deck is still to be opened. We have waited so long; a few more months will not be that difficult at all.



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