Pale complexion, dark circles, dilated pores and dull skin… The skin is not always in top form. The fault of fatigue, stress, pollution or bad eating habits that ruin the condition of our skin.

It is not about just face. Healthy eating is essential for body skin.

To remedy these inconveniences, here are five tips of pros to find a glowy mine.

#1. Do not skip the make-up removal

After a sleepless night, our little cells bathe in toxins. Worse: under the influence of alcohol, the blood vessels become porous, and the lazy lymphatic system. This results in poor cellular respiration of the skin and a gray complexion ensured the next morning. “To refurbish the skin and restore the internal balance, nothing beats cleaning with water, which will refresh and soothe at the same time,” says Lionel de Benetti, director of research at Clarins.

The right gesture:  moisten your face, massage it with a mild soap-free make-up remover and rinse with thermal water, without letting it dry on the skin.

#2. Do a self-massage

Just after removal of make-up, on a dry epidermis, some drainage maneuvers are made to facilitate the penetration of the care to come. No need to spend hours, 2 or 3 minutes are enough.

The right gesture: with your hand flat on your face, you lift the skin until you lose contact with it, then rest it successively on your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Repeat the operation three times in a row.

Side look, it is decongesting the eye contour by applying quite strong pressure on the eyelids, always with the flat of the hand. Still a little courage? Gently pinch the hem of the upper and lower lip between thumb and forefinger, then treat for the night.

#3. Regenerate your skin

To lie down without anything on the face is to let the tissues fend for themselves in the face of free radicals that continue their ravages with impunity.

“We need to promote the skin regeneration process by helping the cells get rid of their waste,” said Dr. Daniel Maes, Vice President Research and Development at Estée Lauder. As during this activity, the temperature of the epidermis increases, causing the melting of lipids and drying of the skin, it is also necessary to nourish and hydrate the face.

The right gesture: we put on a night cream or, at least, a good moisturizer, if possible supplemented with 2 or 3 drops of regenerating serum.

#4. In the morning, fill up with sparkle

The right gesture: when you jump out of bed, you spray your face with lukewarm water, then cold water, several times, before drying it with a towel and giving it 10 minutes of rest. Then, smooth your features with a wet and warm washcloth (1 minute in the microwave) to open the pores and activate the blood microcirculation.

Kathy, the makeup artist, has an unstoppable trick to tighten the dilated pores: a slice of cucumber laid for 10 minutes at the top of each cheek.

#5. save your eyes

Taking care of the outline of your eyes is very important, especially since this part of the face is very fragile. So, to avoid dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles, we pamper them.

The right gesture:  we put two small stainless spoons straight out of the refrigerator on the eyelids for a few seconds, just to smooth out the eye area before moving on with a targeted care. A few strummings using the little finger or the ring finger, so that the pressure is lighter, and voila.