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2 Minutes Silence For Startups- Who Are Still Startup Since Last Five Years


All wanna become a boss. People got bored by working under someone. Instead of working for someone’s growth and development they have decided to work for them. Start-ups in this the new trend following, which is being followed by many freshly passed out.

You can say blindly they follow. Wait wait… Why blindly, I’m telling you Whatever is trending people just blindfold their eyes and jump into the pit. At one point photography was trending among the crowd.

If one accidentally takes a good picture then they themselves think they are born to be a photographer, then buys a DSLR camera, captures everything they see. Open a photography page and uploads everything.

The most irritating part of all is they make us like their page and follow their updates. Not only in photography, but this is happening in the case of almost every trending field.

Oops, even this we can bared but the unacceptable thing is there won’t even be 100 views on that page but copyright, watermark everything would be updated. Ohhh hello… Why are you forgetting the quality of the cameras you are using to capture a picture? This is the first scenario guys.

Now let me tell about the vision-less motive. Every successful businessman has the terrific academic story, so whoever drops out from the college they started thinking that they gonna become a successful businessman, this cool strategy among the people to become a businessman he should be a college dropout..

wooffooo grow up guys… start up ooo sorry its sssstttaaarrrrtttt uuupppp. Guys let me be clear this is not suryavamsam,

To become a business hunk in one song. if you think ARR will play back a motivational song and with the full energy you will work and become the number one then sorry even the god cannot save you, my dear.

No business knowledge nothing just staring a small startup working for it over years and struggles even for the daily bread and blames the time. There is no time called favouring time, dude you have to get into the field and work more importantly should know what you gonna work and how you gonna work, else even the dinosaurs will wake up from the grave and start to survive but you will be still sitting in the same chair.

Starting a business is not like being in a relationship like whenever you feel this won’t work anymore, you can call it off. A clear vision should be there for a long run of the business. Must plan out everything; calculate all the pros and cons, should be capable of managing all the budget crises. But the ultimate vision of the people nowadays is just to start a business. Dude this is a matter of a large investment, the future of your labors, the trust of the clients. The last one is very important to survive in the ocean of business.

Trust is like virginity, once it is gone, it’s gone forever.

With stable vision, five years of hard work is more enough to hold a good position in the market. Without that, it will take decades to get sustained. Only in India, you can call a company which is 10 years old as a startup. Yeah, this happens only here like how the engineers call themselves as fresher till they gets a job even after decades…. a company is always a startup still it becomes an MNC. Coz people think investing money is more enough to start a business and what about your expenditure is more than your capital????

Every businessman wanna become like Ambani, good one. But it is not applicable in the matter of money. If you start to spend like Ambani at the very beginning of your business then soon you’ll soon close doors and stay back at home. If the examples have to be mentioned about the companies who have shut down their work because of uncontrollable financial expense then extra sheets would be required to explain this one particular thing.

If you don’t make the profit over your expense then may your soul rest in peace? Guy what all qualities you think a boss should have???? Whom you think a boss is??? Just make few people work for you ultimately you will become a boss. Yeah, this what our startup dudes do. Recruits more people and becomes the BBBiiggg BOSS. Want to become a boss is the ultimate aim but people’s greed towards to be a boss is too much.

They recruit the people; make them work under them and when an expense is out their hand, they go mad to pay their labors. This problem is not only with the startups, layering of the employees happens even in MNC’s. The ultimate sufferers are the workers.

They are the babe in the woods. Who got stuck in the forest for choosing this goalless path of the startup? This is the problem with the society; we own nothing, even our thought is being implemented and stuffed into us, someone. Starting up a business is the dream for many. It’s like your girlfriend if you’re really serious on it you will have a happy ending, if you take it for granted or you have chosen it since you wanna have one for time being, then two minutes silence for you guys.

Abirami ramamoorthy

Abirami ramamoorthy

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