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15 Ways to do Content Marketing Properly and Boost your Business

Today, content marketing has become one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site, and to become known on the web.

Ohaaa: You do not know what Content Marketing is?
It’s a great way to say not much, actually. The idea is only to share content (articles, tutorials, infographics …) of quality, in your image, and likely to interest your target.
In short, these contents can draw the attention of your prospects on what you do, without promoting pure and hard!

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But how to do Content Marketing?

Most of our content marketing is often based on too few formats (a blog post, for example) and the criteria that determine our format choice, to present and disseminate our content marketing, are often not the same. Good!

Either for lack of time or because of habit, we often tend to take refuge in one form of content, without thinking too much about the preferences of our readers, or their real needs, let alone what fits best the theme treated!

We wanted to present you with a list of formats that could inspire you for a more effective content marketing, more varied and above all more focused on your goals!

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How to do content marketing: 15 possible ways

#1. News articles about your sector of activity:

You may have heard of it before, we call it “curation”, or just the day before!
The curation tool par excellence is Scoop.it. Take a look at our Scoop.it! Just be sure to mention the original sources. Bring value to the original article by providing your opinion and adapting it to your target!   

#2. Online presentations:

By using means like www.slideshare.net, it is a format that is suitable for a factual information: figures, the results of a study / survey, precise data, quotations don’t launch especially in the prose on a PowerPoint if you hope to have readers.

#3. The video:

This is a very fashionable format because

The user is lazy and

Google loves it (especially if you host them on YouTube)! This format is perfect for tutorials, demonstrations, testimonials / interviews.

#4. Downloadable documents in the form of pdf:

Reports on your sector of activity, surveys, tutorials, practical guides.

#5. An FAQ section:

Not only is it very useful for your customers, but it will also save you a lot of time in the answers (often repetitive to the doubts of your prospects.  Easy to create content, free and oddly used!
The text format is the most appropriate, although it can be enriched with video or images.

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#6. Tips and tricks:

This type of content can be done either by you, as the service / product provider, or you can request it from a specialist complementary to your field of activity. For example, a chef advocating recipes at a supermarket.
This content will be more valuable to your readers if they are provided by users of the product or service themselves. The most appropriate formats are videos, text and images.

#7. Surveys / surveys of your users:

Not only will this help you to better understand your customers and their needs, but you can turn them into an attractive source of content for your visitors who are always curious about the opinions of others!

#8. Testimonials / interviews with leaders or partners in your sector of activity:

Try not to exhaust the patience quota of your readers by just sending flowers to each other;)
Podcasts are often one of the best ways for this type of content.

#9. The ebook:

Even though writing it often requires time, publishing this book format will be seen as a sign of authority and know-how for sure!

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“You’re backstage”: your story, that of your products, your employees and collaborators.

The stories “backstage” (as we call it home), if they are well told, they will generate proximity and trust with your prospects. A touch of humor is always welcome!

#10. The webinar:

It’s an increasingly popular way of promoting it. Already widely used in the United States, these free online seminars allow assistants to ask any questions they want, through a chat.
All the more effective if you offer an offer or promotion at the end of the webinar!

#11. Hangouts:

They look a lot like webinars, but this time, they take place through Google+ and are 100% free for the organizer. They have a more own side, because nothing like conservative webinars, the event organizer appears on the screen.

Hangouts have a more collaborative aspect and their goal is more the mutual sharing of knowledge / experiences. This is a good way to generate leads, make networking and make themselves known to potential customers.

#12. The newsletter:

Whether it is weekly, monthly, it will allow you to keep in touch with your customers and boost your prospects.
You can talk about news about your sector of activity, information on what you do, your latest specials.
Attention to the quality of your emailing’s and their frequency of sending not to saturate your base!

#13. The podcast:

Podcasts are often a way to facilitate the “consumption” of your content by your target. You can easily reuse existing content, an article written on your blog for example, turn it into a podcast and give it a second life!

#14. The mini-tutorials and practical guides:

It can be text, video, downloadable files, as pdfs as long as its content is original!

#15. Computer graphics:

You probably know it, it was THE big marketing trend of 2013. Make sure however that it can be easily shared and that your copyrights are respected (while traveling at the same time as your infographic)!

And you? How do you do your content marketing? How many ways did you use among the 15 mentioned?

If, beyond the formats we are talking about above, you combine your content with some of important rules for successful Content Marketing at the time of writing, we can assure you that you will notice the difference in your results! And of course, if we have forgotten, let us know in a small message, below!
Remember, this blog is yours so do not hesitate to react, leaving us a note below!

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