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Taaza Tadka

13 Facts Everyone should Know about Depression & Anxiety

A true fact about depression is- It's not easy to find out if you are suffering from depression or not, as it comes along with fake happiness & anxiety too

Depression as understood so far is a state of mind of an Individual got freezed and succumbs in one particular scenario, feeling lost his way out even hope to cope up with the situation and come out if it. It has multiple degrees as per every individuals sensibility and extent of responding or way of responding to certain untoward or uncomfortable situation. There are many facts about depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

It’s not easy to find out if you are suffering from depression or not, as it comes along with fake happiness and anxiety too. Taking mental pressure for anything might lead to depression. Without you being aware, it will slowly kill you within.

Remember, trying being happy, trying avoiding situations which may make you feel tensed, trying to avoid mental pressure of any kind to the maximum extents, trying to give rest to your body are some tools by which you may avoid being depressed.

1. Surprisingly study says that when a Mom feel depressed, her baby cells also might feel the same.

2. Eating chocolate will not only give you happiness but also it helps you to avoid getting into depression, as found in a large study.

3. Depression contributes majorly to the prevailing diseases across the globe.

4. France is the most depressed country in the world having 1out of every 5 people suffering from depression.

5. Women are more likely to be depressed than men, approximately twice.

6. Anxiety and Depression is almost connected. Approx 50% people getting diagnosed with depression are also found to have anxiety disorder.

7. Those who work for more hours are more likely to get into depression than those who work for lesser like 7-8 hours a day.

8. Forced happiness which actually give a sense of powerlessness is another underlying cause of high depression.

9. You love internet surfing? Remember, it can lead to depression, loneliness and mental instability.

10. Those who use hormonal forms of birth control have higher chance of being depressed, than those women who don’t.

11. You will be surprised to know that happy people and comedian are more depressed people as per the research.

12. Aging doesn’t happen only with years, it also happen if you are in depression; as depression increases the aging process in your cells.

13. Do you know how many are suffering from Depression in the World?
Approx 300 Millions