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12 Modern Black Prom Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Fashion Gaurav Gupta 12 March 2018

Who doesn’t want to grab all the eyeballs in the prom and therefore be the centre of attraction? How about flaunting those perfect tresses in a host of fashionable hairstyles as we guide you in the best possible manner? Here we are to get you the current trends as far as the fashionable prom hairstyles are concerned.

Well, if you are interested to add a bit of colour, then there is the all natural Organic Indigo Powder for Hair that can get you a variety of shades. Being a completely natural dye, the Organic Indigo Powder for Hair causes no damage whatsoever and can get you funky shades to go with the prom look.

Dip Dyed Hairs:How about sporting trends with those black locks that have been dip dyed with a funky shade of green? Well, all it takes is colour your hairs with the Organic Indigo Powder for Hair and bleach it as to strike for the dip dyed effect.

Loose Waves:

This hairstyle is the perfect balance of oomph and style factor. It suits any kinds of face shapes, be it circular or be it oval for the matter. This hairstyle goes with any kind of outfit for the said context.

Messy Buns:

This is an extremely easy to make hairstyle that gives one an extremely fashionable look. The imperfect messy bun can totally enhance your image and is among the current fashion trends of the contemporary times.

Classic Cut:

This haircut works wonders for medium and short hair lengths and is completely hassle free for the said respect. Nothing can go wrong with this style and is sure to grab the attention as far as parties are concerned.

Elegant Bun:

Sport a chic and elegant look as you do up your hair to a bun. A neat bun can actually do wonders to the look than it can be thought of.

Blue Streaks:

Add a dash of blue highlights to your black tresses with the Organic Indigo Powder for Hair and add a touch of hippies fashion to your prom style.

The Croissant Chignon:

Croissant buns make for fun hairstyle for the prom and go best with a statement earring or a statement neck piece for the matter.

Simple And Straight:

The free flowing straight tresses when left open enhances the look with an exceptional elegance. Add to your looks with the different hair accessories, in case you feel that your hairstyle is too simple for the respective prom purpose.

Red Highlights:

Add a spark of bold red highlights with the Organic Indigo Powder for Hair that when mixed with Henna powder in varying proportions can yield a variety of gorgeous red shades like red cherry.

Headband Pixie:

The latest trend of the times, i.e. the headband pixie can add an exclusive touch of fashion to your prom look the coming season.

Glam Vintage Style:

All you need to do in order to achieve this look is to go for a side parting with soft waves makes for a gorgeous style of glamorous fashion.

Middle Part:

Choose to sport a simple hairstyle with the middle part for your prom for this style actually speaks for the fact that simplicity is actually the ultimate sophistication.

Rock the prom look in style, as you flaunt the hairstyle that meets the perfect combination of elegance and beauty.

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta

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