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10 Tips if you are Planning for One day Delhi Tour and Travel

If you are looking for Delhi tour, monument is a sort of puzzle to the tourists.the tips for one day Delhi tour and places to visit to do in Delhi.
Information Travel Atul Parmar 11 October 2021
10 Tips if you are Planning for One day Delhi Tour and Travel

Delhi with the multitudes of people and chaotic traffic but with the large legacy of heritage and monument is a sort of puzzle to the tourists. Lots of people on account of work, touring or for other reasons travel to the capital city and are left in the lunch how to plan Delhi tour. In this blog, I provide you tips for one day Delhi tour. 

1. The Best Season for Delhi tour

The most suitable season for visiting Delhi is from September to April. Thus you avoid the scorching heat of May and June and get rid of being drenched by the torrents of the monsoon months of July and August. The tour plan of Delhi can be hampered with “Wet” and heat strokes. In these unfavorable weather conditions, it is not advisable to travel in the offseason.

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2. Must Drink & Eat Hygienically-

You must not drink the Tap water which at times is not so hygienic until this water is purified. If you drink the bottled water of good Brand and avoid the street Junk food you have limited chances of getting unwell. You should also carry bug spray to avoid the pests.

3. Dress Code in Delhi tour-

Normally there is no dress code while visiting Delhi even though keeping in mind the Indian traditions you should avoid the clothes giving exposure and should dress modestly. This advice suited more to women: Dress a bit modestly when exploring the capital.

4. Delhi Metro a Good option to visit Delhi-

Just to avoid the hassle of the traffic of Delhi you can plan touring by Metro. You get a card of Delhi Metro and get it recharged and it will cost you cheaper and time consuming than the Metro Token.

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5. Toilets-

You do not find the toilets in all places so clean and they lack toilet paper even at the monuments. You are suggested to carry a few rolls of toilet paper in your handbag just to feel Free.

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6. What to avoid: –.

A. Touring after Diwali-

Sometime after Diwali celebrations, it gets hazy on account of smog for 2 or 3 days so you should avoid making a plan for Delhi in that time, rather you should start with either Jaipur or Agra or other destinations

B. Taking alcohol or smoking in public places –

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking in public places as this is not allowed legally and considered a sign of rudeness and bad manners.  

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C. Solo Lady Traveler must avoid 

This is a piece of advice for solo lady travelers not to venture out late in the night and thus make sure your own safety measures. There is also a Women-only taxi service called “Women on wheels” from Azad Foundation. This is a great service for Women.

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D. Avoid falling prey to the touts: – If you stay in central Delhi and south Delhi please beware of the touts. 10 Tips for planning One day Delhi Tour package.

07. Where to stay in Delhi-

The prime question the tourist is “Where to Stay in Delhi?” before booking any hotel in Delhi my personal advice is to check the reviews of the hotels on the Trip Advisor. You can also search the Google business reviews of that particular property.

 08. Strictly Forbidden- It is Strictly Forbidden to cause any damage to nature, especially the Gardens, flowers, animals, etc. It is also a crime to involve in the activity of graffiti in the monuments which are under the Archeological Survey of India.

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09. Delhi Places to visit In One Day 

A. Qutub Minar: – It is the world’s tallest tower and the prime attraction of the Delhi tour. It was constructed by the slave dynasty rulers Qutubuddin Aibak and Iltatmish. 10 Tips for planning One day Delhi Tour.

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B. Humayun’s Tomb: – This is the second world heritage site after Qutub Minar which must not miss. It is considered to be an inspiration for the iconic Taj Mahal Agra.

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C. India Gate: – Like the Gateway of India Mumbai this magnificent Gate was built during the British era in the memory of those brave soldiers who showed extreme courage and sacrificed their lives in the world war.

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D. President House: – This was the house of the erstwhile Viceroy of India and is presently the official residence of President of India. You can wander around there and take the Instagram worthy pictures.

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E. Jama Masjid: – This is one of India’s biggest Mosques. It is situated in old Delhi. If you are interested in making a walking tour to explore the old heritage of Delhi, you must choose the surroundings of this place.  

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F. Red Fort: – This historic monument was built Sahanjahan who build the Taj Mahal in Agra and houses plenty of grand palaces. 10 Tips for planning One day Delhi Tour.

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G. Raj Ghat: – This is a memorial for Mahatma Gandhi who is the father of the nation. 10 Tips for planning One day Delhi Tour.

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H. Lotus Temple: –This temple is dedicated to the Bahai sect for worship and build in the shape of the Lotus flower. It is located near Qutub Minar.

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10. Emergency Numbers

The last tip is very important i.e. emergency numbers: 100 for Police, 101 for the Fire department and 102 for an ambulance.


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Atul Parmar

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