Five Surprising Beauty Benefits of Full Body Massage

Five outstanding beauty advantages of full body massage, which comes bundled with its physical and psychological powers. Hair

Sara Rasheed
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5 surprising benefits of body massage

The most common answer to this question would be that massage helps us relax. But in reality, it is much more than people think.

Offerings of full body massage go far beyond the simple word of relax. Its gains are both physical and psychological. A large number of scientific studies show that massage therapy helps to recover from different physical and mental disorders. It will make your body function at appropriate optimal level.

Full body massage means rubbing and manipulating of our tendons, skin, and muscles. It works and acts on body with certain pressure and on specific points.

5 surprising benefits of body massage-full body massage

Full body massage is believed to have benefits for the variety of medical conditions. It includes cancer, HIV, diabetes, anaemia, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure, colitis, autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome and circulatory disorders.

Many impressive beauty benefits also come along with physical and mental benefits in full body massage. Getting massage can save the money you spend on different kinds of beauty products.

So all of us must take full body massage, now and then. There are various kinds of massage. Essential oil massage or Thai massage.

What is the benefit of Massage Therapy?

In this post, we will tell you about five outstanding beauty advantages of massage, which comes bundled with its physical and psychological powers.

Healthy hair:

Who doesn’t want to have shining beautiful hair? Massage can nourish your strand. The scalp is the basis for healthy hair. Massaging it weekly can promote hair growth. Increases the blood flow and reduces the chances of itching dandruff and hair loss. Scalp massage is essential to relieve your daily work stress. It increases blood flow to your hair follicles and enhances the strength of roots.

You can also make use of your fingers to massage your scalp in the shower. Do it for few minutes. It will make your locks grow longer and reduce dandruff.

Bright skin tone:

Who doesn’t desire to have healthy glowing skin? As mentioned above, massage increases the blood flow. Massage increases tissue regeneration improved circulation will result in better and brighter skin tone and texture. It removes toxins from your skin and makes room for more nutrients. Skin massage helps moisturise dry skin.  Massage also helps make your skin less prone to infection than before.

Specific massages practice proper exfoliation techniques. Consider one of those if you clear complexion is one of your top priorities.

“Massage creates glorious lymphatic drainage results that can add incredible vitality and glow to dull complexions”. Says Amanda Gabbard, beauty expert and makeup specialist at the Guerlain Spa in New York City.

Using proper oil will make your skin hydrated, which is vital for the skin.

Look smart:

People, nowadays seem to be obsessed with losing weight. It might sound weird, but massage therapy is also an excellent weight loss tool. “The natural form of therapy also improves circulation and supply of nutrients to the muscle. After muscles are exercised, vital nutrients must be supplied to them so that they can recover and rebuild themselves”. Says Colleen O’Conner, licensed massage therapist and franchise owner of Elements Massage in Louisville.

Massage maximises oxygen supply to blood cells, which helps burning more and more calories, thus removing excess fat. All that circulation helps fighting dead skin cells.
A lot of people have reported feeling lighter after the massage.

Goodbye to depression:

It might look irrelevant as far as beauty benefits are concerned, but it is unmistakably true. Nobody who is depressed can look beautiful. If you feel better you will look better, simple as that.

Numerous scientific studies have proved that massage can relieve your stress, eradicate your depression and make you happy person. It retains your peace of mind. It reduces the symptoms, which are associated with depression and anxiety. Some people have reported feeling depression symptoms reduced after receiving massage.

“Human touch in a context that is safe, friendly and professional can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing.”  Says Aaron Tanson, registered massage therapist, kinesiologist and owner at Paleolife Massage Therapy in Toronto.

woman breast cancer body massage benefit

Some women diagnosed with breast cancer, reported being less depressed and less anxious, after receiving massage three times a week. According to the study published in International Journal of Neuroscience back in 2005.

Defy the odds of age:

Massage holds the excellent magical power to prevent people from ageing and look much younger than their original age. As it boosts up your immune system, making you safe from various diseases. Full body massage rejuvenates our body and shows us improved version of ourselves. It energises you from head to toe.


Many of health benefits massage holds lead to anti-aging. Improved blood circulation, relieved stress, controlled blood pressure, reduced chronic pain and calm nervous system.

Importance of beautiful face needs no introduction. Face massage holds the essential position in full body massage. The circular motion of face massage infuses skin tissues and prevent it from sagging. You need to know that it would not let wrinkles ruin your beauty. It will make you look very smart and young.