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Best WordPress Security Plugins To Utilize By WordPress Developer

WordPress is the most mainstream blogging platform in the world. A huge number of websites including various popular or different blogs are using WordPress as a content publishing platform. Along these lines, programmers are additionally more keen on hacking WordPress based sites. WordPress security, as a rule, pushes updates to fix all the known vulnerabilities, but third-party plugins and themes make WordPress vulnerable. Some of the time hackers also find vulnerabilities in WordPress that allow them to hack the entire server.

In the previous three months, we have seen 2 noteworthy zero-day vulnerabilities and mass hacking of WordPress websites. A great many websites were hacked by exploiting these vulnerabilities. There are numerous past examples in which a single vulnerable plugin led to the hacking of entire web server hosting several websites. A few days back, we talked about SoakSoak malware which influenced 100k websites in very little time by exploiting the vulnerability in a plugin. So, if you are a WordPress user, you should deal with security. You must always keep your WordPress establishment refreshed and secure.

WPScanner is a tool for scanning a WordPress website and finding vulnerabilities in it. If you are a WordPress user, you can utilize this tool to find vulnerabilities in your website and patch.

In this post, I will discuss various security plugins available for WordPress. These security plugins offer a wide range of features to make your WordPress blog safe from known threats. These plugins keep their administrations refreshed with security from the latest exploits and threats. In the event that you are really genuine about your online business running on WordPress, you should utilize any of these plugins to make it secure. These are the 8 best security plugins available for WordPress.

The best 8 WordPress security plugins are;

  • WordFence
  • BulletProof Security
  • Sucuri Security
  • iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)
  • Acunetix WP Security Scan
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall
  • 6Scan Security
  • Defender

WordFence is the most well known WordPress security plugins. It continues checking your website for malware infection. It scans all the files of your WordPress center, plugins, and themes. In the event that finds any sort of infection, it will inform you. It purports to make your WordPress website 50 times quicker and secure. For making your website quicker, it utilizes Falcon caching engine. This plugin is free, but a few advanced features are accessible for premium users. If you can manage the cost of it, do it.

This plugin squares brute force attack and can include two-factor authentication through SMS. You can also square traffic from a particular nation. It also adds a firewall to squares fake traffic, scanners and botnet. It likewise examines your facilitating for known backdoors including C99, R57, and others. If it discovers anything, you will quickly get the email notification.

It also scans your posts and remarks for the malignant code. It also underpins multi-site. You can also check the traffic on your WordPress site continuously and check if there is any security threat attacking your site.

BulletProof Security:

BulletProof Security is another surely understood WordPress security module that concurrence with various things. It includes firewall security, login security, database security and more. It accompanies four-click setup interface. Simply activate this plugin and after that relax. It will deal with your website.

Sucuri Security:

Sucuri Security is the security plugin or module for WordPress. This plugin is from the prevalent website security and auditing organization Sucuri. This plugin offers different security highlights like file integrity monitoring, security activity auditing, malware scanning, website firewall, and blacklist monitoring. It incorporates different blacklist engines adding Google Safe Browsing, Norton, Sucuri Labs, McAfee SiteAdvisor and more to check your site. In the event that there is anything wrong, it will inform you through email.

It protects your site from Zero Day Disclosure Patches and DOS attack, brute force attacks, and other scanner attacks. It additionally keeps the log of all activities and keeps these logs secure in the Sucuri cloud. In this way, if an attacker is able to bypass the security controls, your security logs will be secure within the Sucuri security operations center.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security):

iThemes Security is also a pleasant WordPress security plugin which professes to offer 30+ different ways to protect and secure your WordPress website. With a single click installation, you can stop computerized attacks and secure your website. it also fixes different basic security holes in your website.

It tracks enlisted users action and incorporates two-factor verification, export/import settings, malware scanning, password expiration, and various other things.

Acunetix WP Security Scan:

Acunetix WP Security Scan is the WordPress security plugin by Acunetix. Acunetix is a well-known association in web application security. It offers a security checking tool to discover vulnerabilities in web applications. This plugin causes you to save your WordPress site and suggests measures to improve the security. It offers file permission security, admin protection, version hiding, removing WP generator tag from source, and database security.

All In One WP Security & Firewall:

Across the board, WP Security & Firewall is another mainstream WordPress security plugin to check vulnerabilities in your WordPress website. This plugin is easy to utilize and reduces the security risks by including suggested security practices.

It secures against brute force login attack and lockdown in the event that someone tries to brute-force. It additionally sends you an email notification if somebody gets locked out due to failed login endeavors. It identifies if a user tries to save a weak password and forces him/her to utilize a strong password. It likewise screens the record action all things considered and monitors username, IP and login date time.

6Scan Security:

6Scan Security is a well known auto-fix protection for your WordPress site. It can secure your website from hackers. It offers to manage based protection for your site and attempts to keep the security of your website up to date.

It has a security scanner which examines and secure your website against SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF,, Remote file including, Directory traversal, DOS attack, and another OWASP top ten security vulnerabilities.


The defender is the new child on the block of WordPress security plugins and probably one of the most energizing free entrants as well. And in addition all the usual features (checking your site for security hacks while examining core files for vulnerabilities and issues) probably the most energizing thing about Defender is that it additionally comes with an entire pile of features that you usually have to pay for that keep you sites particularly secure.


These are few WordPress security plugins you can utilize to make your WordPress blog secure. You do not require to download all these plugins. Just try anyone and watch if it suits you. If you are not happy with its performance, you can download any other plugin to check and utilize. Every single plugin offers different security features. You will feel relaxed after having any of these plugins in your site.