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How To Get The Best Out Of QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool?

When the user is getting QB software installed in their system, might face some interruptions. For such situations, introduced QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool
Tech Update jude noronha 24 July 2022
How To Get The Best Out Of QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

When the user is getting QB software installed in their system, they might face some interruptions. For such situations, Intuit introduced QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. This tool can fix all installation issues that arise in QB. Other than that, it can fix all bugs that relate to the installation of the software. Apart from that, it corresponds to the issues in C++, MSXML, and NET Framework. These are the Microsoft components that are used for running and installing the QB software. If any of these components is not functioning/ corrupt, then the operating system will also show errors.

Use QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool With These Steps

Read the instructions and steps mentioned below to get the best out of QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool.

Step 1: Get started with Tool Hub

One must know about the tool hub as well. It is a hub of tools offered by Intuit for free. It has all the tools in one place, and users don’t need to download multiple software to fix their bugs. Hence, the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool is also available under this umbrella of tools. One can download and install it from the tool hub.

Step 2: Run The QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  • Firstly, open the tool hub after you’ve installed it either from windows or from the desktop.
  • After that, from the list of options, select Installation Issues.
  • Now, select QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. Let it run, as it will take several minutes to complete its function.
  • When it has completed its scanning and diagnostics, reboot the windows.

Step 3: Update and Repair Components in Windows

As mentioned earlier, the QB Desktop application requires some components from windows to run on the system. If there is some damage to these components, then many QB errors can appear. Hence, we have to manually get down to the problem and fix these components in the software:

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  1. Firstly, the user has to check their NET framework. If the framework does not exist in your system, download and installs its latest version from the official website of Microsoft windows.
  2. After that, the user has to verify the same for the MSXML component in windows. Visit the official website of windows to download and install the same.
  3. Also, if you have components like NET framework and MSXML in your system, then they might need some repairing. It will help fix the bugs if they exist in the system.

Last Step: Update The Windows

There is a possibility that the main defect lies in the windows. The windows of your system aren’t updated, leading to a hindrance in QB installation. The user has to manually update their windows.

  1. Initially, type update in the search bar, and an option of updating windows will appear.
  2. Click that option and look into that option. Click the button “check updates”.
  3. If pending updates appear, click it and let the updates install into your system.
  4. Lastly, restart the system.

Finally, open the QB software with the company file to verify if the error is resolved or not. Otherwise, run the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool if the error isn’t resolved yet.

Other Errors Solved By QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

So far, we learned that NET framework and C++ issues can lead to QB errors. We use QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool to fix these bugs. There are other errors apart from an installation that it can help you to fix:

  • Error Code 1603, 1935, 1904, 15106, 1722, and 1712 are primary errors that QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool can fix.
  • Apart from that, it will get rid of errors like Quickbooks has stopped working, and unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks.

Wrapping Up!

With this article, we tried answering all possible questions, and doubts related to QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. However, if you wish to know more about this tool that fixes installation issues, reach out to the error support team. This team comprises USA-based QB experts that have in-depth knowledge of the software. They will provide instant solutions against this tool.