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What Is The Nature of Aptitude Test And What Are The Importance?

EduHub kumarravish417 26 June 2018

Aptitude tests also known as limited answer test or new type tests are basically objective test.

Aptitude tests can be of various kinds from qualitative and quantitative reasoning tests to verbal numerical situational, design aptitude tests clerical aptitude tests and many more.

The latter are basically ones which fall under the category of thespecial aptitude tests. A test can be classified on the basis of the nature of the items of the same and also the contents used in the test.

Any person who has a minimum of two to four years of working experience can undertake this test. This test can be presented irrespective of the various job roles applicants seek, because this is a very basic level test. This obviously evaluates how well a candidate can get along with his everyday life activities, and evaluates the creative skills of architects, graphic designers, mechanical and civil engineers, UI/UX designers and developers.

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Important kinds of test based on the criteria of the nature or contents of the test items are as follows:

  1. Verbal test
  2. Non-verbal test
  3. Performance test
  • Verbal test consist of the items that strongly emphasizes on the reading writing and oral expression skills, as the most significant mode of communication.The organizations which take the help of the verbal tests, usually instruct the applicants through printed or written instructions. Some of the common types of Intelligence tests like the Mehta group test of Intelligence test is one such example of verbal test.These tests are also known as paper pencil test since the examiner write the answers of the test items, on a piece of paper.The design aptitude test also falls under this category.
  • In case of the non-verbal tests, the function of symbolic materials like figures, pictures etc. are greatly emphasized. However the role of the same is not altogether eliminated.In industries where this kind of test is administered the instructors use language only in giving the instructions. However the test items are devoid of any kind of language. In depicting the problem in the test items, only figures and symbols are used. These tests normally explore the non-verbal aspects of intelligence, such as the spatial perception in an individual. Raven Progressive Matricesis one good example of such test.
  • In performance tests the applicants are required to perform, rather than answering questions. Performance tests are must in selecting individuals for highly demanding job situations.Although the instructions can be given via gestures or pantomime. Such tests prohibit the use of language in items, however occasionally oral instructions are given through language. Various kinds of performance tests are available.Some of them require the applicants to place pictures in correct sequences, assemble the pieces of a puzzle, place pages in boards as rapidly as possible, alsotofind out which part of a picture is missing, etc.

Performance tests are mostly individual tests. The organizational heads as well as the test developers and examiners work in close collaboration to make sure these tests are carefully administered.