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All That You Need to Know About IIT JEE Online Coaching

Engineering is one of the most popular career choices in India. The rising number of students pursuing this technical course speaks volume for its preference. According to statistics, every year a good number of students apply for the JEE exam to secure a seat in engineering colleges. However, most students aim for Indian Institutes of Technology – the most premier engineering institute in India. Ranked among the best engineering institutions around the globe, these colleges are nothing short of a dream destination for engineering aspirants. You should know all about IIT JEE Online Coaching and exams. So let us start;

To secure a seat in any of the IITs or even an engineering college, students must clear the JEE exam.The better their score, the more are the chances of admission in IITs. The exam is mandatory tosecure an admission in India’s top engineering colleges. Since the number of students applying for the exam is astronomical, it makes JEE highly competitive. Now, to compete in this exam every student has their own way of preparing.

Nevertheless, most students do opt for coaching classes since the exam is tough, and competition is high. There is no doubt that a coaching institute helps students in preparing far better for JEE than they would do by themselves; however, the situation is changing. Today, with the advent of digitization, IIT JEE online coaching has brought the desired change.It is everything a classroom coaching program offers, but more than that it gives students the freedom to study at their own pace.

Let’s take a closer look at what IIT JEE online coaching offers!

Recorded Video Lectures by Experienced Faculty

If you choose to prepare for JEE via online coaching,you can get recorded video lectures explaining every topic in detail. Students can watch these video lectures repeatedly making IIT JEE online coaching better for those who want to learn at their own pace. It is also a highly cost-effective option and helps students in saving their precious time. For the students, who do not haveaccess to quality coaching institutes in their city, this medium can be a boon! Aakash iTutor offers students with over 1500 hours of recorded video lectures covering every topic in its minutest of details.

Practice Tests, Mock Test, Quizzes and All India Test Series

Another thing students need to know is that IIT JEE online coaching offers practice and mock tests that help themassess their performance. Aakash iTutor provides students with 1000+ practice tests. Any student who wants to clear JEE, understands the importance of solving mock test papers. These tests acquaint students with the exam pattern and the type of questions. By using thedigitalmedium to study, students can appear for these tests at their home. Furthermore, selection of digital mediums like Aakash iTutor also give students the chance to appear in AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series).

Get Your Doubts Resolved

When preparing fortough exams like JEE, not having any doubts can be a sign of overconfidence.Since it is a tough exam and the syllabus is extensive, it is natural to have doubts. One of the misconceptionsa studenthasrevolves around doubts and theirresolutions. With IIT online coaching, students get doubt resolution service where they can ask questions to the faculty and get immediate answers.

Comprehensive and Interactive Study Material

Study material is without a doubt one of the most important things when it comes to choosing a coaching institute; whether classroom or via digital platforms. Since JEE is a tough exam, considering an institute that provides comprehensive study material will aid in better preparation. IIT online coaching by Aakash iTutor provides students with 1500 hours of recorded video lectures, 200+ subject-wise comprehensive eBooks and a lot more. The study material is top-notch, interactive and is backed by graphical representation for easy understanding. Since most of the material is in the form of eBooks, students can search through the content and even adjust the font size. In digital study material, there is also a provision for taking notes.

Self-Paced Learning at Your Convenience

What differs an online coaching medium from a traditional one? Well, self-paced learning is one! This is one of the most prominent advantages of IIT JEE online coaching as it allows students to learn how they want. It is not accelerated, and students can study in their comfort zone. Also, online courses minimisetravelling, so students can save their precious time and dedicate it more on studies. Having instant access to all the information makes it easier for the students to study from the convenience of their home.

Scoring good marks in JEE is not a tough task, provided the student has the right tools to execute their preparation. One should always choose a study material that is in sync with them. Competitive exam preparation through digital platformsis growing in popularity and students are choosing them for better flexibility and the value they offer.