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What is Google Analytics and How is it Important to My Business?

The Google analytics is one of the hottest topics going around on the internet. Every person whether a businessperson or an employee wants to know about what it actually is and how it works. You will encounter people asking what impact does it has on their business. Your presence in this article tells us that you are one of them, you want to know the basics of what we mentioned above. The good thing for you is that we have compiled the answers to some usual questions arising in your mind.

The Background:

First, we would like to start with the general background. The world has seen a major rise in the usage of internet. The internet has come the essential part of businesses around the globe. You will see ads getting posted on different platforms, especially the social media platforms to attract people towards the organization. The businesses are becoming more digital in the sense that they have their own websites. The businessmen want to know the amount and type of traffic that they are getting on their website through social media or the web searches.

 What is Google Analytics?

The Google Analytics is an immensely strong tool made by the Google team which is used to monitor &analyze the traffic on your website. It lets you know about the people who are visiting your website, what they are looking for and from where you are generating your website traffic in the most efficient ways. You will see many websites using this feature to handle and check the traffic generated by their websites.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

The GA functioning is not the most complex one. It puts some tracking code lines into the codes of your website. The tracking code records the presence of each user on your website along with their attributes. The data is then sent to the GA servers which process, classify and make the information readable for the website or business owners and senior management. There are five Google Analytics add-ons which everysmall business must incorporate to make the job easy for itself.The data is collected at different levels. The four primary levels of data recording are:

  • User level (things done by every user)
  • Pageview level (record of each page visited)
  • Session level (a single visit as a whole)
  • Event level (views on a video or the button clicks)

Importance of Google Analytics for Businesses:

Now that you know what the Google Analytics is, you are ready to see what wonders it does to your business website. Even though it is evident from the background and the definition that the GA (Google Analytics) helps you to understand the traffic on your website. But there are some aspects and useful knowledge that you can extract from the data provided by GA.

Who Your Audience Is:

The businesses run on the customer or audiences that it has. Google Analytics can provide you with the best-detailed analysis of what kind of people visit your website. The GA can classify the users of your website into several categories such as their gender, age group, nationality,and location,etc. This information is crucial in launching business strategies and making business plans. You can use the information to target the class of persons who make the major part of your website traffic. The tactic of targeting the most involved people will help you earn better visitors in future.

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Where the Visitors Are Coming From:

This heading is the most crucial part of traffic analysis. You can see the source from which you are generating the majority of your visitors. Usually the visitors from three main sources. The first source is the direct visitors who visit your website without the intervention of any third-party website. The second source is the third-partywebsites which divert some traffic to your website (these websites can be of anykind, especiallythe social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram, etc.). The third and the most common source of webtraffic is the search engine.

The Google Analytics helps you to see which source is the main generator of your website traffic. You can then work on the source accordingly and develop the source into a permanent and more concrete source of your visitors.

Web browser generating visitors:

Yes, you read it right. The internet browsers do have an impact on your website traffic,and the Google Analytics can summarize the relevant data to this heading. GA allows you to see which browser adds the majority of value to your website and you can now invest more into that web browser.

Keywords Used by The Visitors:

You can also look into the details of the keywords searched by your visitors to get on your website. The SEO strategies to generate good website traffic are completely based on the keyword approach. You can simply compare the results availed from GA with the SEO keywords used by your content creators and see if everything is on track or not.

See Your Progress:

The quality of an improving business is that the business will see an increase in customers. In the digital world, by the customers, we would mean the visitors to the website. The more visitors you will have, the better are your chances to improve. You can see the trend of changes in the number of people visiting your website. The GA is good at comparing the old information with the new one to see whether there is a rise or a decline.