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Taaza Tadka

Why you should be using a VPN for Private Web Browsing?

Tech Update Taaza Tadka 9 December 2017
You Can Download And Upload The P2P Files With Complete Privacy. Bypass Country’s Web Censorship And The Content Surveillance

With the increase in percentage of the cyber-crime every year, there is a need of some efficient tool that can protect the online privacy of the user. A VPN turns out to be the most reliable and efficient source to protect the privacy of the user. It encrypts your web traffic and masks the IP address making it impossible for the intruder to get hold of your network. A VPN has much more to offer than your imagination.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be using a VPN for private browsing;

1. Access the Netflix and other Streaming Content outside the USA

The streaming media providers like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and many others cannot broadcast all the content outside the US region because of the copyright agreements. This means that a number of shows and movies are blocked to the users who are living outside the US region in other continents. This geographical enforcement is simply managed by reading the login IP address of the user and then tracing the origin of the country.

So, when you buy a VPN service, you can easily manipulate the IP address of your machine and get an IP address by connecting to the US server. This will unlock the streams from different streaming providers in your region and you will be able to access the streams just like the US user. You simply need to configure your device and install the VPN setup on it to use the VPN. Netherlands VPN or a VPN having servers in Netherlands are most secure ones to access content of such media providers.

2. You can Download and Upload the P2P files with Complete Privacy:

The P2P file sharing is completely detested by the MPAA and other music & cinema associations. The MPAA and other governing authorities wish to forbid the users from sharing the music and movies online for the reasons like profit and legality. They nab away the offenders by simply masquerading as the fellow file sharers or even by eavesdropping on the ISP signal.

If you are a P2P user then the VPN can be your best friend. The VPN connection might slow your bandwidth up to 25-50 percent, it will simply cipher the file uploads, downloads, and the actual IP address so that the authorities can’t identify you. If you love to share the files and don’t wish to risk the civil lawsuits or copyright prosecution, you must consider spending a few dollars on buying a reliable VPN service.

3. Use the Public Wi-Fi without Worrying at all:

If you are a frequent traveler and love to connect to the Wi-Fi networks in the public places then you must go for a VPN. These public Wi-Fi networks are available for free but can put your online security to risk. They are prone to the hackers who are trying to enter into your device and steal the important data.

So, when you connect to the public Wi-Fi networks using a VPN, all the web traffic is well encrypted through the VPN servers and no one on the public Wi-Fi network is able to trace you.

4. Bypass Country’s Web Censorship and the Content Surveillance:

You might be living in a country where a few of the websites are banned or restricted. The government can also put restrictions on watching certain videos. What to do in such cases if accessing that content is really important for you? The VPN comes handy in such cases.

Using a VPN will help you out in bypassing the censorship and access just any website or content on the web that is restricted in your region. You simply need to connect to a server of different country and then access content without getting noticed by the authorities.

If your VPN has the DNS Leak Protection feature, even your ISP will not be able to trace your activities online. This is because of the fact that the VPN will use its own DNS servers to encrypt the traffic without leaking any data to your ISP.

5. You can Cloak the VOIP Phone Calls:

The internet telephoning (Voice over IP) is easier to be eavesdropped on. Even a non-expert hacker can listen to your internet calls. If you are using the VOIP services like Lync, Skype or any other voice/video chatting service regularly without a VPN then someone is listening to your conversations or your are prone to cyber attack. So, get a VPN and protect your personal privacy online. After all, there are some conversations that must be kept private.

6. Use the Search Engines without getting your Searches Logged:

The search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more catalog the searches a user make. Your online search choices are attached to your system’s IP and you then view customized advertisements. So, you can avoid it by using a VPN as you get a random IP address, there is no chance that the search engines will catalog your searches as you will be using a random IP every time.

7. You believe in Privacy:

If you are a strong believer of online privacy then the VPN is made for you. Online privacy is a myth and your every browsing session is logged by the ISP or any other government authority that is tracking you.

The Bottom Line:

So, to protect your online privacy you should be using a VPN. If you are using a VPN, your online privacy will not be at risk. A VPN masks your IP address and replaces it with a random IP address. In this way, it will be impossible to track you. So, get a VPN for yourself and preserve your privacy online.