Top 3 Employee Surveillance Features of TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy, an employee monitoring application compatible with Windows and MAC computer devices, and mobile phones running Android, iOS, and Blackberry
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Are you in quest of employee surveillance software to keep tabs on the activities of your workforce within and beyond the workplace?

We have got the best for you. TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced and reliable surveillance application intended for employers to supervise their employees with an aim to boost productivity, prevent loss and theft of company assets, eradicate data breaches, and drive business to success.

The spy application is compatible with Windows and MAC computer devices, and mobile phones running Android, iOS, and Blackberry operating system.

The employee monitoring software enables employers to monitor almost all actions performed by their workforce on the computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices within and beyond the workplace. It also facilitates monitoring the use of company-owned devices, equipment and technological facilities provided to the employees.

Once the surveillance application is installed on the target devices, the app automatically starts uploading the information stored on the device to an online account. The employer can access that account anytime and from anywhere providing the confidential credentials. Given are the 3 foremost features of the employee monitoring software that every employer needs to know about!

#1.Social Media and Web Monitoring

The majority of unproductive and indolent employees destroy a huge chunk of their working hours surfing on music and video streaming websites and conversing with their buddies on social media. Fortunately, the cell phone spy softwareallows employers to identify the unproductive employees tracking the social media accounts and internet browsing history of each worker.

While the unnecessary use of social media and internet can negatively influence the employee productivity and motivation, its unsupervised use can put the company reputation at risk.

The displeased workers use social media platforms to curse their employers and coworkers; post inappropriate or confidential information about the business product or service; harass subordinates and discourage customers. Monitoring employee social media accounts enable employers to remove the confidential or inaccurate information from the social media as soon as possible and eliminate potential risks to the business and business reputation.

TheOneSpy allows monitoring the most popular and commonly used social media and instant messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and more.

Meanwhile, the employer can access the internet browsing history with timestamp and frequency of visiting each website.

#2.Email Tracking

Your employees might be responding to the malicious and phishing emails putting the company devices and information at risk. They can even deliberately share the confidential information of the business with competitors via email. To sidestep all these risks, the employee surveillance app allows the employer to track each email sent and received on the target computer and mobile phone.

The email text, email address of the sender and receiver, and time of that email can be tracked. Meanwhile, the app provides keystrokes enabling the employer to log into the suspicious email accounts operated on the target device.

#3.Offline Monitoring

As well as monitoring the online activities of the employees, the app can even let the employer know about the offline activities. The employer can create a bug to operate the microphone and cameras of the target devices to watch and record the surrounding scenes and sounds.

They can capture screenshots to capture almost everything that appears on the screen of a computer and laptop in real-time. The keystrokes help the employer know what the employees are typing on the keyboard and clicking on the mouse.

The employee monitoring software facilitates employers in hundreds of other ways. To get a ride over all features and functionalities, you can visit
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