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Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In The World

Travel Rupanjali Upadhyay 20 December 2016

The Beautiful Villages In World Which Is Sign Of Natural Beauty And Obviously You Can Say It As Heaven Of The Earth. Eze

Who say only big city or towns have beauty. Here I am with the beautiful villages in world which is sign of natural beauty and obviously you can say it as heaven of the earth, no doubt. Let’s see the list :

1- Eze

Its a beauty is famous for centuries old buildings. It show the coast and views of Mediterranean sea. It’s located near French Riviera.

2- Oia


Here all house are like steep slope,so that with this villagers and travellers can enjoy jaw- dropping. It’s located in Santorini. During sunset its look like heaven.

3- Hallstatt

One of the best heritage of the land , you can say it. It’s located in southeast of Salzburg right in heart of Austria, it is famous for rich salt mines and giving name to village Hallstatt culture.

4- Bibury

It’s located in western England in UK. This beautiful village is mainly famous for its honey – colored cotswold stone cottages and charming construction .


Its found in Archipelago,and  beautiful because here all  house in burano, painted with seemingly randomly variety of  lovely colours. Burano is also called as Colourful Island of the earth or colourful heaven.

6- Shirakawa-go

It is in Japanese Island of Honshu. It’s beauty is mainly for mountain .and biggest snow fall in the world. Here some special types of building built. In the winter snowfall these buildings make you feelings of igloo.

7- Wengen

It is in Europe .here in large amount of travellers come to visit in both season. One of most interesting thing to be notice about this village is there are no one has+ car.

8- Sidi Bou Said

It is set in north of the Tunisin. It provded jaw dropping sea. Here all house are in blue and white colors which look veey beautiful . You can see lots of blue warehouses here.

9- Reine

It is in north of the Arctic and a part of Lofoton. This village is famous for mild weather which attacked more people.

10- Juzcar

It is located in Andalusia in Southern Spain. Earlier here all houses were in white washed but after 2011 all wall painted in blue colors to celebrate Smurfs movie. Now people don’t allow to repair paint it.

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