Tinker Myself: All About A Beautiful Motherhood Experience

Tinker Myself: A Beautiful Mother
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Motherhood is a beautiful experience and life is the best teacher. This is what I believe. Whatever I have learnt is from my real life experiences. Life has not been easy for me. There have been continuous ups and downs in my life, but there has been something that kept me going. I am not a person who can sit idle without work. I am passionate about what I do and want to do. That’s the reason this motherhood blogging platform I am working for.

While taking care of my daughter all by myself, I learnt so many things. Every day, every moment was a new learning. Unfortunately my parents were not by side to help in this journey. I lost my father before my daughter was born and my mother left when my baby was just 1.5 years. I missed them badly and had to struggle hard to come out of the loss. The only motivation factor was this little bundle of joy kept me moving.

What I learnt from her was I can’t give anything to her; all that I can do is make her moments joyful and memorable. While I was taking care of her I started noticing children around me.  I used to see that children spend very less time interacting with their parents face to face. They hardly sit and talk. They are always on the go. Playing, classes, school, activities. I felt there was a need for the parent to make them understand the need to spend time together. My experience is the education domain and deep observation helped and ignited me to work towards it.

All I wanted was 15 minutes undivided attention of the parents with their children. Sit and talk, observe your child. A parent should know about their child the most. They need to understand them the most. We have the responsibility of guiding them and correcting them. It is not just about loving but more about molding them.  When I used to see children sitting in front of the screens or using gadgets while being in the company of their parents or elders. It used to hurt me. Your child is with you.

You should be capable to handle them without any help or support. Why do you need a device to take care of your child? Already parents are busy they have very less time and top of it; you are wasting it by giving that opportunity to the phones.

 I felt that I need to work in this direction. So I started preparing material which is travel friendly and easy to use. A material that helps the child to slow down and sit and also guides the parent to check the progress of their child. I started preparing worksheets for the children. This can be carried and used while you are travelling, or outside, or free at home. I made it in such a form that parents can get a charge and choice to choose the sheets that their child needs to do. 

My aim is to develop interest in children towards education and learning. And the motto is to make it happen everywhere as learning happens everywhere. Pre primary and primary years are very important for parent and children. They need to get the stimulus to develop the interest. That interest in learning should be there. Marks and success is not important. Hard work and interest matters. 

It was a matter of pride for me when my idea got selected in IIMB from 6000 entries pan India. I was among top 300 to make towards the first round of competition. Thus I felt proud and happy about it. I could not qualify the second round. But I kept my head high and felt determined to keep working towards my aim and vision. Now my product is available on two platforms Amazon and Baby chakra. 

As it is managed on my own the scale is small but I will make sure that I keep working towards it. To have a look at my work you can visit my website www.tinkermyself.in I wish all the parents to make their time more memorable and beautiful with their children.