Things You Should Consider While Doing Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an essential part of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). According to trends, needs of customers' keyword research will change
things you should consider while keyword research

Keyword Research is an essential part of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). According to trends, needs of customers’ keyword research will change over a period of time.


Content is a starting branch of tree for keyword research. Content has to include keywords. Keyword should be always only and content topic and theme has to be finalised before inserting keyword. If the keyword matches the content is leads to increase in page search & increase in page ranking.

Keyword Relevancy:

Keyword relevancy to our content and website is the finest point to be considered to select as key words. We should care about keywords with high relevancy lead to lots conversion of leads and bringing audience to website.

Keyword Search Volume:

The main intention of choosing search engine optimisation and keyword analysis is to bring more audience to the website. If the keyword search volume is high it causes to increase in search engines and page ranking. With the help of keyword planner you can analyse the search volume of a keyword to estimate the performance of keyword.

Keyword ROI:

Have to research will traffic through this keyword will result to our site or not? Generally sites with start up will have a better result in long tail keywords compared to the short tail keywords.

Google Trends:

Have to know regularly about the trends & changes in insertion or selection of a keyword. You can enter a set of key words to see how increase and decrease in change of volumes and trends. Example based on season, branding, requirement of consumer based on these all issues the search engine will change. Based on these key factors we have to select a keyword.

Results In Keyword Planner:

Based on the search results of keywords in keyword planner has to be picked up. Among top 5 to 10 keywords, keywords related to content and website has to be chosen.


Keywords has to be decided based on comparison of competition. Keywords having high competition of costumers have to be selected and it will be much more effective.

Product category:

While we open keyword planner product or category of our services has to be selected. Based on it our keyword search will be opened. Keywords most relevance to our products have to be selected for getting a better useful audience to our website.

Keyword analysis is nothing but how to target the search engine to bring more useful audiences to the website. By using keyword planner has to analyse the keywords based on our product or services. It has to be analysed based on comparison and keyword ranking. Google will match keywords related to content will have more search engines. Keywords will be two types;

  • Long tail keywords
  • Short tail keywords

Keywords can be even buy to get page ranking with in short time. Google encourages the right keyword relates to searches of audiences and most useful keywords.

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