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The Top of The Ways to Market a Mobile App with Social Media Platforms

Tech Update Sofia Coppol 7 October 2017

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to market your mobile app, try social media as one of the most result-oriented tools.

Your mobile app development teams have concluded your app for Android and iPhone and, now you want to see it a smash hit on stores. You are ready to launch the app and are expecting a high demand and an increasing number download to it. But hold because things aren’t this much easy. The app stores of both the platforms collectively have more than 4.5 million apps. They have become rather crowded these days and, it’s a not easy for a new app to get the desired place in these app stores.

It’s a big challenge for businesses or app developers to get a good position for their apps among the top ones. You can launch marketing campaigns by the use of paid ads to get desired exposure to your app and increase the demand, but are you ready to invest an amount as huge as the app’s cost itself?

If such marketing paid app campaigns are out of the budget, you can try the alternative, cost-effective means of marketing your app successfully. One of them is the social media which is available for free, with its full strength.

But before you start marketing your app with the social media platforms, do consider about following points suggested by the experts:

Content is still the king. Make your content to be emperor!

To begin with a social media campaign, the very first requirement is you create informative, high-quality and, unique content. Creating content doesn’t mean creating write-ups like blogs or article only but also to create images and videos. Also, every piece of the content should be interesting enough to create the engagement among audience.

The content of every format – text, image, or videos – should be created to interactively solve the problem of users. Take the example of a cooking app you are promoting. The social content for such app should be focused on cooking tips, quick recopies and the information shared by the best chefs. Again, you can deliver your content in all formats: text, images, and videos.

Your content should have some humor so that it, together with being informative, can also be a bit funny and entertaining.

Work on a well thought plan:

Another vital point to consider about marketing an app via social media is to have an effective plan. An effective plan will guide you through all your campaign but before you make any such plan, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What sort of content I want my audience to view or read?
  • Which social media channel will fit the best for this sort of content?
  • Does the content provide answers to the questions that audience has in their mind?

Let users receive reward over the downloading of apps:

A way to keep your app at the top of the trending lists is that you consider rewarding users. You can apply several ways to motivate users to use your application that they can refer to their colleagues, relative or friends. This helps in increasing the number of downloads. You can also offer a referral scheme for your app. This sort of scheme will enable you to keep track of the experience of users along with monitoring the number of downloads.

Your social media content should be humanized:

Your social media approach should be more human in tone, not as a customized marketing campaign being executed robotically. Keep this in mind that the most important factor making an app successful is the passion of the app developers. Also, the feedbacks given by users work as the best tool letting businesses discover the loopholes in their apps and then improve it for them. Do not hesitate to have a conversation with users, accept mistakes and then inform them that you have improved the app as per the suggestions.

Google plus

Google plus is one of the highly resulted-oriented platforms to market a mobile app. One of the great benefits is that Google Plus is Google’s own social platform with the inbuilt ability to rank up any content in the organic search results. It allows making has-tags similar to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But, its has-tags’ ability is quite unique separating it from other social platforms.


No doubt Facebook is today leading to the social media with over 1 billion users across the world. A Facebook page for your app will certainly deliver excellent exposure and increase the number of downloads. It will create quick buzz and will let you gain credibility.

Your Facebook page should have enough details about your app. Also, keep providing latest content to keep your users engaged. You can also create a Facebook group and invite people to join it to improve the engagement. Similarly, you can join other groups and promote your app.


Twitter – the micro-blogging platform is accessed by more than 330 million users from across the world monthly. 80 percent of these users use the platform daily form their phones.

Targeting users and driving your app demand should be an essential part of your mobile app marketing strategy.  You can remark tweets of users who can then convert into the potential users of your app.  Then there are Twitter Cards and content marketing to make an app more dynamic to people and increase downloads.


With more than 90 million of active subscribers, Instagram is one of the most successful and powerful photo-sharing social platforms of today. It’s capable enough to provide a product with desired exposure. Do consider to share image and photo content via this platform.

Last but not least, use more images and videos in place of text:

A picture is worth a thousand words – as you have already heard of. So don’t write up an article or blog of thousands of words. Use images and videos, instead. They are nowadays new way of providing content online. Actually people easily learn things via video and images in place of merely from text.  .


Sofia Coppol

Sofia Coppol

SofiaCoppol is the technical writer of Mobilmindz that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in grocery app development, finance app development etc.