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The 5 Best Crazy Golf Courses Around The World For Golf Lover

Travel Stephen Leo 11 November 2018

A very famous quote by Mark Twain that goes;

“Golf….a perfectly good way to ruin a walk”

He obviously wasn’t a fan of spending hours hacking through thick grass trying to make par, and who can blame him because do you know what? Golf is no fun. That is unless its miniature bloody golf, even that eccentric Mark Twain liked Crazy Golf courses…..well, probably.

Okay, so they’re completely different and in no way related, but the fact remains that absolutely no one dislikes the shorter and more fun format of the sport. It’s so much fun, that no one can resist a round. Whether that’s a backpacker, a family or even aristocrats – they’ll all eventually end up putter in hand, muuering it’s all in the hips.

Like all things, the courses have become even more ambitious over time. No longer are they just dodgy bits of astroturf with right angled bends (although they still exist –yeah I’m looking at you Weston Super Mare). Now they’re feats or architectural brilliance, where certain holes can leave a man quivering, claiming it defeats the laws of physics. Those are the miniature golf courses we all know and love, those are the courses we all want to play.


Par King Lincolnshire Illinois:

Think loop-di-loops and rollercoasters with this course. No, they aren’t the attractions around it, they are some of the challenges that face you on the holes. Par King ramped their ambition levels up to ten when they designed these two 18 hole crazy golf courses. You still get the usual obstacles like a clown but there’s also knights, turtles, horses and even the sears tower. There basically isn’t another course in the world that offers the same level of putting lunacy as Par King.

Dino Park, Phuket, Thailand:

Ever wondered what it would be like if The Flintstones had a round of crazy golf? Well, if you’re in Phuket then there’s no need to worry as Dino Park is just around the corner. The putters are a little more advanced than the ones Fred, Wilma and Pebbles would use, but the scenery is just as pre-historic (if you forget the fact that it’s probably made out of ply wood). There are volcanoes, waterfalls and even the customary T-rex hole. Make par on one of the 18 holes here and you’ll be screaming “Yabba-dabba-do!”

Lexington Ice Centre, Kentucky:

Let’s move a little further forward in history, to Biblical times maybe? Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could sink a putt into Noahs Arc? Well, the Lexington Ice Centre does just that by offering a Bible themed golf course. With three courses to choose from; Old Testament, New Testament and Miracles – there’s no shortage of choice. Just remember that thou shalt not always make par here.

Kiss By Monster Mini, Las Vegas:

Everything is bigger and brighter in Vegas, right? Well, if you mean a course with big hair, big make up and big riffs in the background, then that’s certainly the case. There’s platform shoes, drums and guitars to contend with at this neon lit course. Once you’ve managed to navigate your way through them, you’ve then got to contend with Gene Simmons tongue. If you manage to make par on that whole you’ve officially got this course licked.

Wild Abyss, Wisconsin Dells:

Cinemas are now going 3D, your televisions are now going 3D, One D have gone 3D and even your miniature golf courses are going 3D. WAIT…weren’t they already? Well, not in the way this aquarium themed course is. Here you put the glasses on and enter a dimly lit neon underwater world to be greeted by shoals of fish. There’s also the customary shark hole towards the end of the course. Make a hole in one on that and you’ll find yourself being the stuff of folklore.

Stephen Leo

Stephen Leo

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