Voolsy Screen Helps Restaurant with Scalable Signage and Printing

Voolsy launched its Digital Signage Software solution named Voolsy Screen in 2018. Voolsy Screen is a cloud based most effective dynamic signage for display of your restaurant food on TV screen
Startup: Voolsy Screen
Name: Mitesh
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Website: https://www.voolsyscreen.com/
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Founder Name: Smit Nebhwani
Founder Year: 2018
Country: India

Menus in any restaurant are as important as the food. A customer remembers any dining area not just for its food but also based on the entire dining experience that they have. With food tech gradually taking its form in the hospitality sector, Voolsy Screen is one of the products that is ought to way menus are handled.

Voolsy Screen is a product by Voolsy. Voolsy caters into hospitality segment with their innovative solutions like iBeacon based ordering app, POS, Kiosk and many more. With the requested requirement by their existing clients and within depth market analysis, Voolsy launched its Digital Signage Software solution named Voolsy Screen in 2018. Voolsy Screen is a cloud based most effective dynamic signage for display of your restaurant food on TV screen or a Tablet.

“Menus can be displayed in different ways for different type of dining areas and Voolsy Screen is designed to support all the kinds. We can have interactive menus, Digital Tablet menus, Digital Paper menus, Digital menu for TV or Podiums as well. The idea is to replace the printing cost and replace paper menus with a better, flexible and scalable version.” said Smit Nebhwani.

How Voolsy Screen Help Restaurant

  1. Replace paper printing cost with a scalable solution: With Digital signages, the paper printing cost is removed since restaurants can make end number of updates easily from the software as Voolsy Screen to handle the content in the Digital Signages.
  2. Enhance Customer Experience: Display HD images of menu and let customers get the look and feel of the app. Offer the ability to let customers order from the Digital tablet menu on each table so they don’t have to wait for the waiter.
  3. Display day wise menus easily: With the ability to schedule menus day wise as needed, it becomes easy to manage them and for the customers to access the available menu only.
  4. Create Brand Impression: Digital menus tend to grab more attention of customers and hence they help in creating a brand impression among customers.

Using Voolsy Screen:

Voolsy Screen is designed in a way that it is easy to use and understand. Upon downloading the app, one simply needs to link the device to the system, publish the content and you are ready. The advance scheduler helps to organize or plan the content well in advance. With Voolsy Screen, one can simply upload the design and push it across devices at remote locations.

“User experience is the key to the survival of any product. One of the core factors that needs to be considered to deliver user experience is the way the features work. The working of the product should be simple, and it should eliminate as many redundant steps as possible. We kept this thing in mind while designing Voolsy Screen. Many of our clients that use Voolsy Screen often comment on the fact that the system is absolutely simple which makes it more user-friendly” Says Smit Nebhwani.

What makes it different

The system is simple, easy to use and quick to setup. With the schedular feature, different menus or event-based menus can be uploaded well in advance. With its cross-functional use, it can be employed in almost any kind of an industry.

Founder Details:

Name: Smit Nebhwani

Company: Voolsy Networks Pvt Ltd

Title: Founder & CEO

Smit is a tech geek who has been with the IT world for the past 8 years now. After delivering huge customized enterprise software solutions for clients, Smit decided to launch a range of in-house products under the brand Voolsy. Voolsy Screen is one of his products among others. His goal is to offer simplified business solutions to enterprises.