Onco-Connect: Redefine Cancer Care with the Combination of Technology and Medicine

Startup: Onco-connect
Name: Atul Kulkarni
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://onco-connect.com
Designation: Founder & Director
Founder Name: Ms Neha Vora
Founder Year: 2019
Country: India
Contact Detail: (993) 080-9519

We realised that there is a steady rise of cancer patients in India, but very limited solutions for oncology-specific second opinions and medical travel. Oncology cases touch around 12 million people in India, Asia, Africa & Middle East alone & there is a growing need to assist patients by connecting them to doctors globally. Utilising digital technology helps to reduce the distance between a patient and a doctor thus benefiting overall cancer treatment options. Currently there are very few market players who are able to connect cancer patients globally.

We started in Mumbai which is a medical hub for cancer treatments in India. Mumbai’s vast network of doctors and mature global connection has made it a startup destination which we wanted to tap into. Onco-Connect was conceptualised in January 2019 and after several iterations and multiple tests, final product was released end of July 2019. Onco-Connect has received recognition from the Government of India, as a “Startup India Initiative”. We are now in the early stage after our product launch, working to build traction with patients, grow our doctor network and scale up our solutions to provide cancer care to a larger base of patients.

Our Mission

Onco-Connect aims to provide global access to choice and quality in cancer care to all patients, irrespective of geography. We want to redefine cancer care where technology and medicine combine to provide a complete solution for all cancer treatment needs.