Launching PartyChef : The App that makes hosting a party a breeze

With PartyChef, you can get a curated menu simply delivered to your doorstep.let us take over by providing the full spread complete with food, live chefs, butlers and tableware
Startup: Party Chef
Name: Arjun Thomas
Email: [email protected]
Designation: Founder
Founder Name: Arjun Thomas
Founder Year: 2018
Country: India
Contact Detail: (984) 552-9398
  Over the past few years the convenience of having food delivered home has increased significantly with the emergence of large delivery players in the market. While that has made life very easy for a number of people in the metros it still didn’t solve the challenge of curating a menu for get-together at home that went beyond ordering pizza’s or biryani (the safe bet for a lot of us). The challenge was that while there were a number of catering providers in the market finding someone to do it for numbers as low as 6 or 10 people was extremely challenging. So if you had a party at home the model that most s followed was:
  1. Think of a menu (we were surprised how many really struggled to go beyond Biryani, Pizza, Kebabs or Chinese)
  2. Going through a very large number of restaurants to decide which one to use (unless it was someone you used before we always went back to the same one). While options were great, too many really confused the decision making process.
  3. Sometimes ordering from more than one restaurant to cover a range of food we wanted
  4. Figuring out whether we could rent cutlery if it was more than 12 people and we didn’t have enough dishes (or compromised and bought disposables of dubious quality)
  5. Finally co-ordinate with these multiple contacts to ensure it all landed up at home in time for the party
  6. Suffice to say stress levels are higher than they ought to have been and people ended up spending more time coordinating than having fun.
So in 2017 four friends got together to figure out if there was a better way to host a get together at home. The focus was very simply to figure out whether there was a demand to have a curated menu with great food delivered to a customer’s location. During the course of that discovery a number of delighters like a live chef, crockery and cutlery rentals, service staff and bar tenders emerged. So after about 18 months of trying every type of combination ranging from:
  1. Parties with 6 to 450 people
  2. Single cuisine to 4 cuisine parties
  3. Just food delivery to 3 live stations
  4. Biodegradable cutlery to fancy bone china
In September 2019 we launched the Party Chef App with the following intent: “Hosting a group of 6 or more guests? Whether it’s a housewarming, birthday, graduation or just some friends coming over to chill, planning your party just got easier.

With PartyChef, you can get a curated menu simply delivered to your doorstep. Better yet, let us take over by providing the full spread complete with food, live chefs, butlers, and tableware or a combination of your choosing.

The vision? We take on the chore of planning your party while you have fun and enjoy sumptuous food from various cuisines prepared in some of our finest partner kitchens!” Download the App :  iOS – Android –