Furnish Me: Creation to Renovation of Your Dream Home

Furnish Me Creation to Renovation of Your Dream Home
Name: Amrita Jena
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.furnishme.in
Designation: Chief Designer
Founder Name: Amrita Jena, Akshay Kapoor
Founder Year: 2016
Country: India
Investor Detail: Boot strapped
Contact Detail: 07779842247

Furnish ME is a solution to the experience  which the client goes through while designing his/her home or having the project executed.  In general cases , building your dream home is like a hustle or tug of war among Architects, Contractors, Vendors and logistics, as a result you end up  loosing  your project, your money and most important your professional time.

Furnish me flying interior design

Budding Point:

We started , Furnish  Me on 13th of October 2016, giving solution to the problems faced by us while renovating my house, says Amrita. We faced the same tussle and at the end spending  money lot more than  required.  This was the budding point when we had decided to put up this as a solution for all the people  who can avoid such situations and  build a better home, office, shops or buildings.

Having done more than 100 projects in Bihar itself we are now providing services in Bihar, Odisha, Delhi-NCR.

What we offer?

We provide Architectural Design, Interior Designs, Landscape , Restoration , Renovation and Project Management solution for all of them.

Furnish me startup interior

Our dedicated team takes cares of all the stuffs.  We provide a detail BOQ which is bill of Quantity with the design solutions. The client  gets to know the actual cost of the project. Addition to that we provide Project Management Consultancy(PMC)  which is the USP of our startup.  We take care of the project as our and  charge a nominal fees over it,

Talking about the last financial year , it was wonderful for us.  We were growing at a rate of 25% M.O.M . Over work proved and people  trusted us.

Our expected growth rate by this year end is to touch more than 10 completed projects per month. We are in talks with few organisations for  seed funding as we are in our expansion stage.

We understand the creativity demanded by our customer, thus always try to rehabilitate the current trends in interior or exterior design. Girl Room Furnish Me Interior-min

Furnish Me has a core team of 5 people and a dedicated team of more than 30 people both full time and part time.  We expect to   revamp your place soon.