Culenz: A Virtual Reality and 360 Degree Media Company

Startup: culenz
Name: abhinandan nahata
Email: [email protected]
Designation: Co Founder
Founder Name:
Founder Year: 2019
Country: India
Investor Detail: funded by self
Contact Detail: (994) 991-6499
When everyone says. “Dreams are not reality”, only a few of them fill themselves with courage to turn the tables. Above all, what if the dreams itself become reality? It has turned out to be true with the founders of Culenz, a virtual reality and 360 degree media company. Virtual Reality was developed primarily for video games but it has found its application in other sectors of business as a service like real estate, automobile, e-learning, schooling, tourism, medical to name a few. Viewers are teleported into a whole new world of their choice and they can move around in that space, listen to the sound and virtually feel with the help of a head mounted gear. They can visit a real estate property and feel like they are standing inside it and explore the rooms, hall, view from the balcony etc all this while sitting in their office. Make a deep sea diving adventure, cycle through the streets of Paris, drive a roadster in great canyon and fly over statue of unity, be a part of music festival, enjoy poetry from the front row always and you don’t move an inch in real. How cool is that now? Culenz founders say that the possibilities are limitless. Virtual reality is the next big thing in making and sooner than you can think it will be a part of our daily lives. Every business has its own needs and it can be molded to fit the requirements and every business needs it. In present scenario, when everyone is lacking time, VR technology is a savior as it is available instantly. With the help of VR, many of the expenses can be brought down and allow increased customer experience. Culenz came into existence when founders noticed that this is the right time to sow the seed since the availability of high speed internet in the country has increased manifold and people are now adapting to new technological advances. Though VR has been around for years, but it was not widely popular as a medium but things have changed now. People can recognize VR boxes and many of them have had a bite of it at game zones. Culenz hopes to bring all kind of experiences under the umbrella and allow businesses to communicate with their customers more effectively irrespective of place and time.