Soulful Holidays:150+ Travel Partners in around 90+ Countries

Soulful Holidays’ is building up the idea which provide travel partners a platform directly to travelers from all around the world
Startup: Soulful Holidays Travel Tech & Finance LLp
Name: Kunal Kumar Agrawal
Email: [email protected]
Designation: FOunder
Founder Name: Kunal Kumar Agrawal
Founder Year: 2019
Country: India
Contact Detail: (974) 827-0407

Let me introduce myself, I am Kunal Agrawal, Founder of which is based in Dhanbad (Jharkhand) & Bengaluru (Karnataka) city of India, I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and due to professional commitment during these 16 years I had to travel a lot and had to face a lot of problems regarding planning of my travel whether business or person. When I did research on the idea then I came across that there are none who actually solves this problem completely once and for all. Hence the idea to set up Soulful Holidays came up which will give flexibility, transparency and minimum loss of time for travelers like us.

Currently the tech team Soulful Holidays’ is building up the idea which provide travel partners a platform directly to travelers from all around the world and also enable to increase the business of travel partners viz. not only selling traditional packages but also those individual activities in the packages. This platform will provide travel partners to directly upload the packages on Soulful network and sell them, also customize them and also sell individual activities with maximum transparency within minimum time.

We are proud to say that within 6 months of starting offline business Soulful holidays have achieved 14 successful trips and collaboration with more than 150 travel partners serving in around 90 countries. Travel partners who do not have access to certain countries/locations can buy packages on a special discounted rate and sell them to travelers who usually were not served.

Travelers around the world will be able to choose from various packages on the network as per their budget, vacation choice, location preferences. Travelers will be actually making their own packages as per their mood and choice of relaxation. For this they need transparency in terms of price, terms & conditions, quality of delivery and minimum loss of time. Soulful Holidays is here to provide all and achieve our motto of “Making travel affordable and reachable to all”.

We are launching travel finance with various options to pay and buy the packages or even plan their travel in advance by paying something in token. This will also be an advantage point for travel partners to increase their sales.

Soulful holidays will be additionally serving on travel insurance, travel cards, forex currency, etc. and provide travelers all the travel solutions and make the process faster and better. This will be Amazon of online travel company.