Knack Ardour: Talent Management Platform for Writers

Knack Ardour is a growing business and talent management community owned and operated by Aayush Verma, youngest management consultant in India.
Startup: Knack Ardour
Name: Aayush Verma
Email: [email protected]
Designation: Founder and CEO
Founder Name: Aayush Verma
Founder Year: 2017
Country: India

Knack Ardour is a growing business and talent management community owned and operated by Aayush Verma, youngest management consultant in India.

The journey of launching Knack Ardour started with the life journey and struggles of an Author turned entrepreneur. Aayush Verma, the founding person of Knack Ardour started his journey with writing career in 2015. During his academics, he wrote a book which was based on the life of students. After finishing his title, Aayush pitched several publishers and sent his books to get published. But, however, only few Publishers accepted his title and demanded a huge amount of money. As he was still under his academics, he never had that huge amount and nor he wanted to ask support from his father.

His title was put on hold and he further started pitching to other Publications. However, it was too difficult and journey is always full of patience. After long patience and dedication, one Publication accepted his title to publish. But after 3 months, when Aayush enquired from the publication, he came to know that the company has to shut down its operations. This gave him a lot of pains as his dreams shattered in a minute.

He was in depression for few months and then he started his own Publication to publish the new potential writers like him. So at the age of 16, he started his own Publication in Indore. But unfortunately, the publication couldn’t maintain to sustain in the tough marketing competition and shut down its operations after a year.
After three months of wait, Aayush was planning to make ways for writers so he decided to open up a Talent Management Platform for Writers. But later he decided to add Business Management Solutions because he was also passionate in his field of management consulting.

So far he is still running the same platform and several many small as well as micro businesses. Besides his business of Management Consulting, he also works individually with businesses and focuses on its core areas of team building and brand building solutions.

What have been your biggest challenges in running your Business so far? How did you overcome these challenges?

-The biggest challenge in running Knack Ardour is getting trust of the people and to satisfy them. There is lot of scam around us and that’s why it takes long time to make people understand about our services and make them realize the worth they will be getting with our Services. We adopt a lot of strategies to convince and connect them, but it takes a lot of time and energy to do so.

Sometimes, I feel the like that If I had done anything other than this convincing and connecting with different people, then I had earned four times than that, but still my passion to struggle helps me in going and listening to more negative answers like “This is not worth it” etc, etc. Some people give best compliments and good review, which doubles my motivation to move forward, but the de-motivation is double than the motivation I get. How I am facing this is just with some hopes and patience that everything is going to be fine now and one Quotation that kept me moving: Each work is never wasted thought it takes time to get the result.

What have you found the most effective way to get clients?

The most effective way to get clients is connecting with them and make them understand that you care a lot about giving the best version of your services to them. To make them feel and realize that their money invested will give them the much worth of the invested amount.

What are your Marketing, Funding and Team Building Strategy?

-For Marketing, the strategies which I adopt is getting socialized with the expected or Target Audience and fill the gaps of insecurity and misunderstanding. In order to understand the choice and demand of client and then work accordingly. Getting personal will disclose more and more ideas what the Client requires, what he likes and hates the most. These information will help in getting a great satisfaction and a repeating profit from the same client again and again. He will often call or connect whenever he needs services similar to us.

For Funding, I want to become Independent and after crossing with a lot of Investors, I will only switch with some low rate bank loans, or with Start-up Bihar Initiatives. For building up the team, a lot of consideration is required because each of the Partners may not surely contribute the same efforts and also do not carry up the same vision.
The changes are very less.

They cannot provide their best version as they do not carry the same vision as the Founder/Leader. It’s hard to get Genuine Partners. So, it is better not to fall trap with wrong persons, and hire some high will power employees. They can be good team-mates and also employees can be removed easily but if the Team mates will be removed, or if they make wrong decisions, the whole management of the Company has to suffer and it may decline.