Atok Speedup Personalized coaching and skill development platform

Atok Speedup is a Personalized coaching and skill development platform for the college pass outs and job seekers,They are operational in Chennai since 2019 September.
Startup: atok speedup
Name: sam
Email: [email protected]
Designation: Manager sales and marketing
Founder Name: Sujeesh.a.k
Founder Year: 2019
Country: India
Investor Detail: NA
Contact Detail: (900) 304-0297

Atok Speedup is a Personalized coaching and skill development platform for the college pass outs and job seekers, They are operational in Chennai since 2019 September.

so far Atok speedup has gained around 250+ enrollments in its android app.

Why Atok speedup now?

Skill gaps affecting Indians’ prospects in tech jobs, says IBM chief Ginni Rometty, this was the main news a year back when Sujeesh(Founder Atok communications Pvt Ltd) has decided to start his startup Atok-speedup at chennai.

before, he was working as a manager in various TOP MNC companies, Sujeesh noticed that there are huge gaps between the candidate’s skills and the profiles which employers were looking out in the candidates.

some candidates even not Skillable, because the candidate doesn’t have enough understanding in the critical areas like below which even known as employability skills.

  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem solving
  4. Initiative and enterprise
  5. Planning and organizing
  6. Self-management
  7. Learning
  8. Technology etc.

so this strikes his mind, and the idea Atok-speedup born. 

In a few months dedicated hard work, the app went live, the app mainly Designed for Job seekers and individual’s(students and college pass outs)

Atok SPeedup Approach 

The candidates who wish to improve their skills and to get a better job in top MNC’s need to polish their Employability skills , here atok speedup APP will help  students or job seekers to interact with the skill experts through its beautiful , easy to use app.

skill experts will guide candidates to achieve their goals.

there are various stages to complete the skill development program and to become a certified skill achiever, the stages which every candidate has to go through are below. 


The Atok-speedup Leadership team helps job seekers and students to gain clarity on existing strengths and development opportunities.


During regular One On One call/video session, our skill-experts will help you to build a custom development plan/goal based on the initial evaluation results.

Experts will help candidates to identify priorities and areas for development along with the goals.


Together speedup team will define specific actions and candidates responsible items to track progress and hit leadership development targets.


Integrate learning and capture insights for a new leadership future, Atok provides analytics on individual behavioral outcomes, as well as personal level impacts

Atok speedup achieved a tremendous gain in the market within a few months and looking to expand its employee strength and app features as well as looking for investors for its exceptional growth.

The Mission 

The mission of ATOK is to expand its mobile android app across job seekers/students and the corporate in India by 2020.

Founder’s Profile

Sujeesh.A.k has spent the past 13 years at various IT firms including scope international Malaysia (a subsidiary of the standard chartered bank), Polaris software, Gav’s technologies Chennai.

his incredible skill of perceiving business needs and creating a solution to address the need, he is known as people’s manager at gavs tech and a good leader, he is also a motivational speaker.