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Shopping in Bali, Indonesia- Things You Just Can’t Miss!

Travel Aarti Vasanjh 15 June 2020
TRAVEL Shopping in Bali, Indonesia- Things You Just Can’t Miss!

Shopping in Bali, Indonesia is a must have experience, I learned this from my recent Singapore with Bali Tour. If you come to Bali and haven’t shopped, you missed a great part! The shopping in Bali markets,  streets, and malls have something for every kind of person. From a sports lover to designer dress lover and from kids thing to artist thing, Bali streets has everything.

But because shopping in different county’s street is a totally different thing than shopping in own country, So the biggest problem we face is ‘What exactly to buy and from where?’ Don’t worry, if you are thinking the same. We are here to make you decide that. Let’s have a look at things what actually worthy for shopping at Bali.

Not to Miss during Shopping in Bali Markets

#1 Beach Wear & Surf Wear

Beaches are one of the most exciting parts of Bali’s holidays. And no doubt Surfing is one of the favorite things to do on the beaches of Bali. And that makes the beachwear and surf wear as the one of the must buy things during the Shopping in Bali markets. The person who love surfing or water sports or the ladies who like to spend the whole day at beaches, these are the must things which can be bought.

Bali Boatshed, Bistro St Tropez, Rip Curl, Drifter Surf Shop Cafe in Seminyak etc are the famous places to buy these things at Bali.

#2 Designer Dresses

Are you a designer dress lover then how could you miss the charming latest long kurti and dresses during the shopping in Bali malls.

Apart from known brands such as Gucci, Prada etc, you can buy the dresses of Australian Designer such as Mister Zimi, Alice McCall, Auguste Frank etc. Malls at Bali provide you a dreamy dress of designers as well as non-designers dresses. You can shop at Seminyak or Petitenget for your favorite dress. Beside this, Uma and Leopold and DFS Galleria stores are also some brand stores in Bali.

#3 Kopi Luwak Coffee & Chocolates

If you are shopping for something you want to take home, Kopi Luwak Coffee & Chocolates are the must buy things. For a Chocolate lover, there is no reason to refuse it. The prominent coffee growing area is Kintamani region in north-eastern Bali. However, you can buy it from most of the grocery shops as well. The price of Kopi Luwak is quite cheaper in Bali i.e. you can get a kilo of it in just $100.

#4 Skin Care Products

Fragrances, body oils and many skin care products are cheap in Bali. These ultimate skin care products can be bought from Utama Spice store in Gianyar and Denpasar. You can gift them to your loved ones or can buy it for yourself. Branded as well as non-branded skin care products of every type are available in Bali markets at the reasonable price.

#5 Cheapest Shopping at Bali

If you don’t have enough money to buy designer dresses or costly things, here you can go. There are many street shopping stores, where you can get cheapest products as trendy or classy tops, latest shoes with great design and many more things which are really cheaper than any store/market in Bali.

Sukawati market in Gianyar and Ibu Suzy are the cheapest places at Bali and here you can negotiate also and get any product at its reasonable price.

#6 Handicraft & Traditional Products

This is the thing for an Art admirer. This is one of the ideal things to buy in Bali Indonesia. From here you can take a small memory of Bali at your home. Sukawati, Ubud market or Souq or Mercredi stores in Seminyak are the great places for buying traditional products in Bali.


#7 Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is one of the top things to buy in Bali. Artistic culture of Bali is admirable and you can judge it by this jewellery also. Here you can find every type of silver jewellery such as Antique jewellery, Tribal jewellery etc.

John Hardy Workshop or Studio Perak in Ubud are the places to find finest silver jewellery in Bali.


Always remember to check country custom and import rules and regulations before buying anything from the market.

Our thousands of rupees are counted in some dollars there, so remember the value you are paying for any product at Bali. Hope the article helped you to shop the best things at Bali.

Happy Shopping in Bali ! 


Aarti Vasanjh

Aarti Vasanjh

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