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Revel in a Rendezvous with 10 Resorts in Bangalore

Travel Get News 360 20 December 2018
Revel in a Rendezvous with 10 Resorts in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city that perfectly fuses the old with the new. It’s a haven for couples who pine for loving and tender-hearted nostalgia and excitement in the midst of nature. From pleasant weather to beautiful hotspots, the charm of the city beckons with its arsenal of amazing resorts and hotels.

Read on to learn more about the top 10 resorts and hotels in Bangalore that offer the most delightful and romantic getaways;

Clarks Exotica Convention, Resort and Spa

The exotic threesome conjures up a 5-star delight amid every experience. Clarks Exotica rambles through 70 acres of the exuberance of lush greenery far from the clamors of city life, yet within the confines of the city. Cradled by more than 5000 luxuriant trees, the retreat is sequestered in a romance-filled ambiance that’s left for your soulmate to explore.

ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru

Located in a ritzy area in Bangalore, ITC Gardenia is a 5-star marvel in the garb of a resort. It epitomizes reminiscence and respite melded with cutting-edge experiences of an ideal lovey-dovey vacay. Wonderful, inside out, the hotel typifies luxury and comfort are all about.

Windflower Prakruthi Resort and Spa

This is one of the top range hotels in Bangalore for couples who need relaxation in the thick of a fun-filled impassioned holiday. Plonked amidst multiple acres of flora and foliage, the resort offers great times for lovebirds who indulge in diversions like zorbing, ATV, paintball and more. All in all, couples who wish for solitude, Windflower Prakruthi hotel is the perfect place to be.

Palm Meadows Club

It’s one of the top-tier hotels in Bangalore for unmarried couples who ferret around an idyllic holidaying experience. Palm Meadows is downright a treat for nature aficionados. The resort is all but panoramic with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and an awe-inspiring spa for endmost rejuvenation.

Wonderla Resort

A stand-out retreat for couples who fancy unwinding and rejuvenating themselves and wallowing in amusement park adventures Wonderla Resort, in close vicinage to Wonderla Amusement Park is consummate for couples who take to online room booking and seek fun and frolic.

Angsana Oasis Resort and Spa

An ideal blend of the old-world and present-day, the Angsana Resort in Bangalore is a copybook escapade for couples wanting to look on at love, passion, and opulence to garner maximum potential. The resort accommodates exquisite lawns, pools and a new-fashioned spa to fully pamper and please your senses. 

Olde Bangalore Resort

This is one of the 4-star hotels in Bangalore for unmarried couples who wish to bask in the nostalgic allure of the garden city. Solace and grandeur are what best portray this resort. This is the ideal place to be for the nature enthusiasts and peace lovers.

Golden Palms Resort

Traipse into this 5-star hotel cum spa through an online room booking and enliven your intimate moments amid an establishment that opens out in acres and represents the genuine spirit of the garden city. The magnificent hotel resuscitates your senses with sumptuous gardens, resplendent flowers, and plush trees. Every much-in-love couple who yearns to experience tranquility, flamboyance, and comfort finds this resort highly desirable.

Royal Orchid Resort

One of the finest extravagant resorts in North Bangalore with a sprawling 8 acres expanse The Royal Orchid Resort and Convention Center is home to verdant tropical gardens and immaculately landscaped lawns. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities the ground evokes an unmatched and surreal backdrop. The cynosure of this resort is 9th Mile Dhaba, its avant-garde restaurant with an ethnic feel.

Guhantara Resort

This resort is subterranean and resembles a cave. It’s a standout among the best-in-class hotels in Bangalore for couples who crave for peace, serenity and a feeling of closeness. The quirky grotto styled architecture rounds off a classical vibe from the bygone era in perfect synchrony with ultra-modern facilities the resort comes up with.

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