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JIO Mere Babbar Sher – The voice of Every Indian Subscriber

Tech Update Preeti Mishra 14 August 2016
It Was Never A Big Surprise When We Heard That Just Before The Launch Of JIO, Bharti Airtel Has Announced Unlimited Voice Calling In Two New Plans And Vodafone Is Offering 10-Minute Free Calling To Customers

JIO Mere Babbar Sher – The voice of Every Indian Subscriber

This line is not going to make you feel differently when you will come to know how reliance is finally coming up with their JIO brand with lots of challenges and existing competition for them, however; looks like they have reversed their competition and now all mobile and data service providers are running pillar to post to make sure that they do not get effected by the virtue of voice and data plans & offers getting rolled out from JIO.

JIO will spur data market and effect Bharti Airtel , Vodafone , Idea like top-most  telecom company ?

It was never a big surprise when we heard that just before the launch of JIO,

Bharti Airtel has announced unlimited voice call in two new plans .

Vodafone is offering 10-minute free calling to customers whose calls are interrupted because of any reason.

Both operators, along with Idea Cellular, have reduced data tariffs by up to 67 per cent. They might have told several reasons to do so but we all can easily understand that this is just a side effect of this big bang Launch.

A huge level profit to registered customers of Reliance JIO :

As of Now JIO has more than 1.5 million customer base which is on trial basis. The trial first started with employees and vendors but later the same was available to retail customers too. Reliance is also coming up with their own smart phone i.e. LYF but since they gets set for the commercial launch of their 4G services and plans , they are in mood to tie up with almost all smartphone makers to bundle their special initial package.

Now, let us understand what they are offering to start with. Wallah, those entire 1.5 million customer base are getting 3 months of unlimited data and 3 months of unlimited voice call totally free. The surprise comes when we understood that company may bundle this offer with all smartphone makers too, to have a big bang launch of the brand JIO. It has not been officially announced but understood that JIO has already been tied up with Samsung to provide 3 months of unlimited 4G data for their few mid to high end segment smartphone. Who knows, they may also offer free unlimited voice call to these like they offered it to their 1.5 million trial base.

Development of new data market’s paradigm in India :

According to CLSA, JIO would need to keep average revenue per users high and must attract a large subscriber base to ensure the effective returns on their total investment. The recent new confirms that JIO is planning to raise more than 15000 crore from the market; from its share holders.  Even analysts are being very positive from the launch of JIO and recently JP Morgan research team stated ;

“Reliance Jio will help catalyze the development of the data market and eventually expand it. From our analysis, we believe that the incumbents will have to do the heavy-lifting themselves to lift the slowing data revenue growth trajectory”

A business tycoon and industry expert Mr. Sanjay Kapoor, the former CEO of Bharti-Airtel in an interview with Economic Times has said ;

“Now, the game changes and data comes into play with RIL knocking the doors and probable rumours of them entering the market very shortly. In data unlike voice, there are two issues that will pan out which will determine the winners – one is clearly affordability which will never go out of the Indian environment and therefore pricing will play a role. The other will be the experience unlike voice; the experience in data is really paramount to determine who the winner is. And I think Reliance will”

But these entire positives are not actually all. They say that when you get good you get bad too and looks like that is what is happening to Relaince JIO.  The country’s topmost  telcom operators are asking the telecom department  to immediately ask the JIO to close all connections provided to 1.5 million subscribers as it was illegal by offering full-fledged services under the guise of test connections.  “This is no test. “This is the provisioning of full-blown and full-fledged services masquerading as tests, which bypass regulations and can potentially game policy features like the IUC (interconnection usage charge) regime, non-predatory pricing, fair competition etc,” Rajan Mathews, director general of COAI(Cellular Operators Association of India ), which represents top telcos including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular, said in the letter.

Reliance finally hits back to telecom department by saying that India’s top telcos was trying to “sabotage the entry of” the Mukesh Ambani-owned mobile phone operator and “malign its name”.  Jio has later explained that since they are launching totally end to end IP based network, it needs to be tested at fullest possible load. We are still waiting to see the response from the department and from the other Telecom Operators as to how they take this launch finally.

 Well, well, well…

We can only do one thing; let’s wait and watch this big bang game of Reliance JIO’s launch.

Whatever is been seen and understood, Indian subscribers will definitely look forward and will bless the JIO to get on the floor ASAP. As of now each of us must be feeling like saying, JIO mere Sher… rather, JIO mere babbar Sher…

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