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Quad 9 DNS Service: Useful to Improve Security and Privacy of Your Network

Tech Update Technocrat sitslusa 11 September 2018

The internet has become an essential tool for the business to perform regular business operations. Dealing with the customers, managing products/services, marketing, and advertising are the business operations that can be done easily using the internet. Almost all businesses are using a website or mobile app to interact with the customers regarding business deals.

Cyber Crime & Security Vulnerabilities:

Thus, the network systems have become prone to the security vulnerabilities. Cross-site scripting and SQL Injection are some of the security vulnerabilities that help hackers to retrieve the sensitive information of a business. A hacker is someone who retrieves the crucial data from a network using malicious activities. Hackers inject the malicious content on the web to gain access for the business data that includes usernames, password, user account details etc.

If you are a business owner and if you’re managing data using a website then you should protect the data using cyber security services. You can use authentication and authorization techniques to avoid security vulnerabilities. Authentication verifies a user on the web using credentials; security id and a password. Authorization is the permission that is granted to a user to perform an action for example if a user has requested for a web page then authorization technique is used.

Activities such as sending requests to access a web page, viewing and transferring information on the web are performed by using DNS (Domain Name System). It is a framework that matches domain names to machine-readable IP addresses. DNS server directs the user to the requested URL on a web page using IP addresses.

DNS service gives a security check to the network by blocking the access to malicious domains and allows the network traffic to flow by resolving the issues of network connectivity. If you want to know in detail about the DNS server, you can take help from a cyber security consultant.

How Does Quad 9 Work?

One of the DNS services is Quad 9. This DNS service is founded by the three different organizations (IBM Security, Packet Clearing House, and Global Cyber Alliance) to identify and prevent malicious cyber activity. To use this freely available DNS service, you have to change your DNS settings for your internet enabled device by reconfiguring the primary DNS server to Quad 9 ( and for the secondary DNS server use

Quad 9 is perfect for securing the data of your business as it helps in identifying and eliminating threats from a network. Threats like Domain spoofing phishing attacks in which a malware is injected into your computer system that retrieves and delivers the sensitive information to the attacker are resolved by Quad 9.

Other benefits of Quad 9 includes-
  • Prevents Phishing Attacks: IBM X-force threat intelligence database is used by Quad 9 that prevents a user from entering a malicious site.

  • Assures Privacy: most of the DNS services save the PII (personally identifiable information) that is browsing history and other data which is not stored by Quad 9. This assures privacy for the network users as PII cannot be viewed by the attacker.

Quad 9 DNS service can be used to avoid the issues of slow network connectivity and malicious attacks on a network. It is suitable for the network used for the business purpose or for a personal use.