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Planning To Stay Up All Night In The Woods? Check Out These Essential Survival Tips

Travel silviawatson029 3 June 2018

Nature is beautiful! It has a wilderness of its own. And as travelers and thrill seekers, everyone has their idea of exploring the wild. While some may opt-in for trekking in the wild or others a jungle safari, few can choose something different. For instance, you could be enticed with the idea of spending a night in the woods. That might sound exciting. But it also requires precise planning for you to survive well if you are going to spend night in the woods.

Want to experience this? If yes, here are few tips you need to pay attention to.

#1. Creating the best shelter:

 Knowing how to create an apt shelter is essential for you to survive the night. A make-shift shelter can be your home while amidst the wild. It will keep you secure from the snow, sun, rain, and wind. However, if you establish it well, you can even have a fire inside your camp. Choosing an ideal location for the shelter is also as important. It will help you determine the material you need and the type of shelter you can build. You can choose to create a natural shelter, tree wells, and even a snow cave.

#2. Make arrangements for your food:

 You must feed yourself in the wild to survive it better. The idea is to eat light and eat right. For this, you need to carry your food in your bag. And as you move around the woods, you can count on the plants, berries and the like. If you walk through irregular terrains in between, you can even rely on the local food sources.

#3. Opt-in for a local horse transport when you need:

There are times when you might have to reach a required spot using a horse. As in the hilly terrains, a horse is the staple means of transport from one location to the other. Never mind if you aren’t an expert at horse riding. When in need don’t say no to a horse transport mode. It is not the Preakness Stakes – TVG where you have to practice hard. So go ahead and experience a horseback ride when there’s a need.

#4. Stay informed about animal attacks:

 Wild animals and reptiles usually inhabit woods. Before selecting the place where you want to spend the night, study the animal life in the region. Is the region prone to animal attacks? Are there poisonous reptiles inhabiting the area? Are there any poisonous tree leaves and insects? Go ahead once you have researched these aspects and are updated well.

#5. Wear apt clothing:

 When amidst the wilderness you have to sport the correct attire. So when you’re spending the night in the wood, dress in comfortable clothing and rugged shoes. In case it’s winter time, make sure you carry your jackets and gloves to beat the cold.

#6. Always carry your navigation devices:

 Travelers exploring the wild often lose their way! It’s natural. Wood paths lead to many directions, confusing travelers about the route to take. It is where you should opt-in for the best navigation tools. So keep your compass, GPS and map handy.

Behind the success of every pronto wilderness journey, is proper planning and arrangement! Staying up for a night in the wild is indeed thrilling and exciting. There’s uncertainty as well. It is an experience of its own kind. However, to be able to experience it and stay safe, you can take help from the survival tips discussed above.