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Planning To Make Bike Ride Trip From Manali To Leh

Manali Leh Highway Is One Of Best Highway For Every Bike Rider Because It Offers Almost All Adventure To The Bike Ride Lover With Beautiful Natural.
Travel Arun Pable 20 February 2018

Manali Leh highway is one of best highway for every bike rider because it offers almost all adventure to the bike lover with beautiful natural. Many of traveller & bike riders has dream to visit or make one bike ride trip once in the life. It may honoured or pleasure to experience this bike ride journey of my life.

The journey of manli to leh highway bit tricky to plan don’t make any bike ride plan without of any research on road way & Manali. Because almost 350 kms to 474 kms long Manali highway but none of citizen visiting there hence you signal of there you ride the own motor bike. Even due to not citizen visit at their area range 365kms so you can’t find any of signals of Petrol / Diesel pumps on Manali leh highways.

Season to Travel on Manali – Leh Highway:

Make you plan according to road condition like – in the staring of June, you’ll find lots of stock of snow on the highway so this time rider will get challenge to drive motorbike. Hence end of the June to September is one of perfect time to planning to make bike trip for Manali to Leh, this is perfect time because roads are almost in perfect shape to make long bike ride, road maintains work in the stage to complete.

Fuel or Petrol Pump on Manali – Leh Highway:

When you planning solo & couple on motor bike then make sure after Manali town, you get one petrol pump at the Tandi on entire Manali Leh highway. So don’t get forget to make fill your motor bike petrol tank on this petrol pump. More you have petrol with you, the better it for your bike ride.

One best option you have – go book manali to leh bike trip packages with any of best travel agent. Hence, the travel team will arrange all of thing like hotel stay, petrol, rental bike & all necessary things etc. According to us, we suggest one of perfect travel agent i.e BookCruise. In Mumbai, one of know travel agency is BookCruise, Company has own professional team, which help you during travelling and also you get company from other bike rider.

ATM on Manali – Leh Highway:

Do carry sufficient cash with you because there is no ATM machine after the Manali Town. You’ll get ATM only on at the Manali Town & keylong . If you have not any plan to stay at Manli Town or Keylong then please don’t forget to withdraw money with you.

Bike Trip Cost:

Manali to leh bike trip cost is anywhere between to 15k to 30k per head. I’m going to listing some of main expenditure-

  • Hotel stay cost – 2k-3k
  • Food cost – 1k-2k
  • Motor bike with petrol – 4k-6k
  • Additional activities like paragliding & river rafting cost – 4k- 6k
  • Other miscellanies cost – 3k- 4k.
Arun Pable

Arun Pable

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