PICKYOURPLATE: To Bridge the Gap between Students and Tasty Food

PICKYOURPLATE An Idea to Bridge the Gap between Students and Tasty Food
Startup: Pickyourplate
Name: Simarpreet Singh
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.pickyourplate.com/
Designation: Founder
Founder Name: Simarpreet Saluja
Founder Year: 2018
Country: India
Investor Detail: Bootstrap
Contact Detail: (976) 687-2623

How we started pickyourplate ?

So it was time to start my own venture and here Pickyourplate happened. I thought of problems what I faced in Pune as a student for homemade food so I started to solve homemade food issue but very fortunately on very first 10 days we got zero orders. Though it was quite dilemma period but after we diversify our business model in targeting outskirts area of places where big food delivery doesn’t reach .We reached there with very less logistics cost and now we are operating in Pune and soon planning to expand. Now we are serving good customer amount in pune.During all this the most important thing which motivates the entrepreneur to succeed is the journey which we live as entrepreneur full of struggles ups and down etc . The most important I have learned various aspects of business from marketing to managing finances to legal work.

Startup taught me what I could not have learned in job life. It taught me that there is cost behind everything. Until and unless we will be bearing this cost we won’t be knowing the value behind the work.

PICKYOURPLATE: An Idea to Bridge the Gap between Students and Tasty Food startup story

In office when employees are not able to meet deadline they don’t know what the cost boss needs to bear for that. So business taught me that nothing comes for free. There is cost behind everything so value your work and value the time.

About Founder

I am 21 and I started earning when I was 19 and was in my college pursuing graduation. So I was to go to events and work for a day or two and I even used to organise some events but I found these things can’t go on long term basis. I need to find some other way, so I started looking for job through my college interview process but fortunately I was rejected from every interview , hopefully that’s the best thing happened to me because this was the start of Pickyourplate. So after being graduated I went for my higher studies and started pursuing MBA and in very starting of 4 month of MBA life I realised I am not like others because I wasn’t sure about going for job after my MBA but people were so focused for jobs.

What about PickYourPlate?

pickyourplate.com is a punchy new start up initiative for all the couch potatoes based out of the vibrant and colorful city of Pune, with the unanimous motto to provide the general and student class of people with sumptuous and tasty meals, no matter where you are located.

Started in 2018, It is the brain-child of two college students who aimed at creating a platform based on an idea to bridge the gap between students staying in the outskirts and tasty food.

We aim at linking the food joints and restraunts from the central city to  customers who reside in the outer and unreachable parts of the city. Our collaboration boasts an in-length quality check before their acceptance as our partners to ensure only the highest quality of food is delivered to our customers, on time.

 Introducing the concept of delivery in time slots , pickyourplate.com aims at delivering hot and tasty food on time, no matter where you stay. The customer is offered the ultimate choice as to decide what she/he wants to eat and from any place from the central city area.

Within a span of a year’s time the start-up has already acquired the support of 46 vendors and the numbers rapidly increasing day by day. Launching its first phase of operations in Pune, pickyourplate.com aims at connecting good food and people.