Never Ever Worry (N.E.W.) : A Cost Effective Marketing Solution For Small Brands

Name: Sumit Sinha
Email: [email protected]
Designation: Founder and Creative Partner
Founder Name: Sumit Sinha
Founder Year: 2017
Country: India
Investor Detail: NA
Contact Detail: +91 8010779116

What inspired you to venture your own startup?

My increment in the last company. Haha. There was this worldwide advertising agency that I used to work in. As the days and years pass I felt like my passion towards advertising is ebbing away and getting sandwiched between Company’s seniors and super seniors. Though it happens with everyone I and two of my friends who are co-founders at New (Never Ever Worry) thought of sailing our lives in the high tide of startups with a sharp vision to provide cost-effective advertising and marketing solutions from the smallest of brands to the affluent ones as well.

Every startup has a struggle story what’s yours?

Of course, we are struggling. Everyone does. A struggle is the sexy part of your life. And since I come from a small town I’m always proud of growing through struggles. Jab jeb aur pet khaali ho toh ideas zyada aatey hain. Hahaha.

When we started our journey with Never Ever Worry, we first decided to target the small town’s markets such as Patna, Ranchi, Raipur, Lucknow, thinking that these markets are really growing bigger and observed that people are spending huge money on the advertisements there.

They were promoting their businesses on all the available platforms Radios, Print, Hoardings but the problem was it was all random. No strategy, no campaign thoughts no proper brand building.

So yes, our real struggle then was to inform and enlighten them on what real advertising and brand building is. How it will grow your business and what’s the impact of your logo. Although we succeeded, we failed on the budget. The fact is no one wants to spend too much on the very first step including me and you. We struggled a lot with the mindset of small towns businessmen. They were educated but not smart and visionary. But fortunately few of them were visionaries so we got few accounts from Patna and Raipur. Struggles toh hai aur rahega. Hum bhi hain aur rahenge.

What services do you provide them?

Whatever they are looking for.  From making TVCs to Product Packaging, Digital, Radios etc. See, we are the creative people; our work is to finding a solution to a particular given problem and presenting it creatively to the consumers. Everything else is a just a medium. You tell us your business problem and budget we’ll give you a cost-effective and ideas plus suggestions on spending your hard earned money wisely.

How are you looking forward to converting your educated clients into a visionary one?

We don’t want to spend too much of our time into converting them. If they are serious about their business they will understand. They have a lot of options to go with and same with us. As simple as that.

In your past experiences what are the clients that you have worked for?

We were lucky to work on the brands like Rajnigandha Silver Pearls, Kent RO, Hamdard, Dabur, Hero Motocorp, Aaj Tak, Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, Zee News, McCain Foods. MakeMyTrip to name a few. You can also check our work on

Well, thank you for sharing a moment with us and we wish Never Ever Worry (N.E.W) a shining Success.

Thank you So much. Best wishes to you too.