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Network Issues? 5 Diagnostic Tricks and Easy Fixes

If you are using a Nighthawk X6 extender then you have to ensure that for X6 setup. For the network issues, here is 5 Diagnostic Tricks and Easy Fixes

If You Are Using A Nighthawk X6 Extender Then You Have To Ensure That For X6 Setup. For The Network Issues, Here Is 5 Diagnostic Tricks And Easy Fixes

Of all the types of desktop issues you can have, network problems are one of the worst problems faced by everyone today. Though our PCs or laptops can do a lot offline, being cut off from the WiFi isn’t fun. Even worse, when you can’t get online, it is not easy to research fixes for the issue and troubleshoot network-related problems.

Let us step through the general process of how to troubleshoot network-related problems. That way, next time you load up your web browser to a “Cannot Connect” error message, you will know what to do and what not. Like all fixes, we will initiate broadly and narrow down to specifics.

After performing each step, attempt to connect to a local website like mywifiext to verify whether your internet connection is working fine or. If it doesn’t work, proceed to the next part.

Ensure It Is Actually The Network-Related Problem

At times, what seems like a network outage is actually an issue on a specific website’s or web address’s end. If you can’t get on mywifiext.net, for example, check another website like mywifiext.local to ensure that the issue isn’t just with a single website.

Power Cycle Everything & Check Other Devices

There isn’t any need to get frustrated right away, as the fix to the issue might be as simple as just rebooting your device. Restarting sometimes fixes a ton of issues, so ensure it’s your first response to network-relate problems, too.

Go ahead and reboot your computer, laptop, mobile device as well as your modem, router, and Netgear range extender (if using). In order to wipe out the modem and router caches, wait for a few seconds prior to turning them back on again. When you plug your devices back in, plug in your modem first – wait for it to power on – then turn on your router and after a few minutes your Netgear WiFi extender.

Check Physical Connections

Does the network-related issue still persist after rebooting? Prior to diving into settings and speed tests, the next step to perform is to check whether you’re physically connected or not.

If you are using a Nighthawk X6 AC2200 EX7700 tri-band WiFi mesh extender then you have to ensure that for Netgear Nighthawk X6 setup, an Ethernet cable is used for connecting it to your main router. Also, ensure that the Nighthawk device isn’t plugged into a damaged outlet.

Now, check whether you are connected to Netgear_Ext or not. On the off chance, if you are facing issues while connecting to the extender’s WiFi network, then it is definitely a network-related problem.

If all the cables are connected properly, check the LEDs on your devices. Are the LEDs on your router and Netgear extender flashing a solid green light as normal? If no lights come on, there are chances that your device could be malfunctioning or dead. However, if you get red lights on your router and Nighthawk extender, you might want to turn off and on again your devices.

Check for a Valid IP Address

At this point, you might have verified that the network-related issue is not temporary. Since Windows can’t fix the issue on its own, you need to pinpoint the spot along with the internet connection where the issue is occurring.

Well, it’s a superb idea to ensure that you don’t have any strange IP settings selected by you. To verify this, open Settings on your PC or laptop and go to Network & Internet > Status. Change your network settings header and choose Change adapter options after that. As a result, double-click on the name of your WiFi network. Next, when you see a status box – click on the Properties button.

Squash Network-Related Issues

The above-mentioned steps are a general template for diagnosing all the network-related issues. But your exact setup may differ. Generally, respond by rebooting everything, seeing if your devices are having trouble getting online, and checking to ensure that your settings are correct (as per the above).

If you have checked all this, but the issues still persist, then you must check for the latest firmware version. In the event, if the firmware on your router and extender is outdated, there are chances – you can face network-related issues.

For instance, if you have Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX7000 WiFi mesh extender, then after the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 setup process you have to check for its firmware. And if the new firmware is available, update it by clicking here.



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