Startup Story – Merrchant | Online Accounting Software For SMEs | Navrajvir and Ishan

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Designation: Director & Coo
Founder Name: ISHAN MISHRA
Founder Year: 2017
Country: India
Navrajvir Singh Chhabra (24) is the Co-founder and CEO of Merrchant,  Online Accounting Software For SMEs. Navrajvir is a self-proclaimed workaholic and an expert in online advertising, e-commerce and financial accounting. Navrajvir has always been fascinated by technology and had launched an HTML website at the tender age of eleven (It’s still active as: Since then there has been no looking back- Navrajvir dropped out of Demontefort University to pursue his dream of being a successful entrepreneur- launched an e-commerce footwear website “19 Again” for women. After moving back to India in 2017, Navrajvir set up a successful Confectionary factory and today is the proud owner of Raletta Technology. At the age of twenty-four, Navrajvir considers himself an expert in the fields of Confectionary based food processing, Equity Trading, Film direction, real-estate construction but Digital Advertising remains to be his forte. Ishan Mishra (28) is the Co-founder and COO of Merrchant. After qualifying from MIT Ujjain with a B-tech degree. Ishan successfully ran Ishantech- an IT service based firm before working together with Navrajvir in Raletta Technology. Ishan is an information technology specialist with technical expertise when it comes to the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of web technology apart from having sound knowledge about Growth marketing,digital marketing, event management, artist management and has been a political adversary.


Merrchant’s provides world’s best Free Online Accounting Software & GST Billing Software for small business in India . Merrchant Accounting Software is trusted by industry leaders due its best features. Merrchant is a one-stop software suite for the operational needs of all businesses. Incorporated in April 2017, Merrchant is a revolutionary all-in-one software suite to cater the needs and requirements. This if for all types of organizations in India- from small businesses to a megacorporation. The strongest suit of our software is that it is absolutely free. Our mission is to provide world’s best freeware cloud-based business operating system for all the operational needs of all types of business. Having said that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you discover all the portals at our site- from accounting to payroll management, bills and invoices to bank account reconciliations, Human resource management to Customer relationship management- we got you covered. It wasn’t all fun and games either because Merrchant faced quite a few challenges:
  1.  Business organizations still depend on traditional methods of accounting like maintaining books or at the most using the Tally ERP software and almost all small to medium scaled organizations refuse to switch to easier methods of carrying out business and hence convincing them is anything but easy.
  2. Apart from that, gaining initial traction was really tough because people in India tend to stick to customary methods, so naturally, people were hesitant to try Merrchant which is the latest business software in the Indian market.
  3.  However, the biggest challenge is to face strong international competition like Xero and Zoho- both of which happen to be well established, billion-dollar organizations with better resources and capital.

Overview of our initiative

TSAR has been in the forefront of the wooden watch industry in India for the past 2 years. Starting with just 3 models in the initial stages to having 12 models by the end of 2017. It shows us the level of interest that the people have shown in our product. Our uniqueness is not in just wood, but the variety we bring with it. The use of exotic woods such as the Koa, Ebony, Red Sandal, Maple, has brought in more enthusiasm from people than ever before. And with our initiative of planting a tree with every watch bought. We try to contribute to the society in the smallest way possible.

What inspired us to build the above initiative

Good ideas only come when you least expect them
Frustrated with the idea of logging in to different sites to perform day-to-day business functions like maintaining accounts and letting it burn a hole in your pocket was the moment Navrajvir realized that we needed universal software. It would reduce a host of coordination efforts in an efficient, cost-effective manner while safeguarding all the information. Managing accounts is historically time-consuming, error-prone and costly and can compromise security. Accountants who are reliant on books of accounts can become overloaded and miss vital information when burdened with too much information. And while other softwares like Xero and Zoho have reduced the hassle of accountants. Their inability to integrate all the necessary business functions together gave birth to this marvelous idea. Merrchant claims to be the one-stop solution as it’s the only cloud-based business operating software solution that provides all enterprise-level features at one place. And the best part? It’s FREE.

Most challenging part of our journey

Everything is a challenge when you first start a business. The planning, strategy, execution, etc., everything is difficult because it’s not something you do every day. But it is fun since every day you learn something, you do things that you have never done before, you discover yourself in this journey. To sum all up the biggest challenge for us was to sell the watch initially. It was not like the day we launched we became a hit and people bought our watches. It took a lot of time to sell. No one had ever come across something like this. And people are so used to with their leather and metal watches that it was difficult for them to digest. And we face till date. There a still a lot of people unaware of wooden watches.

How our initiative can change the society/industry.

Merrchant aims to make day-to-day running of businesses simpler

Plans for next 3 years

Merrchant plans to soon have a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to use almost all the features available on its web-based application. The team also aims to partner with payment gateway solutions such as PayPal to allow employees or invoices to be paid online directly. In the near future, Merrchant also plans to develop its own e-wallet. The team is looking to build relationships with GST departments worldwide, so that individuals can easily file taxes using Merrchant’s portal, which can constantly be updated with changes in tax structures or tax laws according to the country. It also aims to tie-up with educational institutions by providing them with free education accounts. This model is currently used by Indian ERP monopoly Tally ERP. Merrchant will launch a deep core barcode feature integration in the future as barcoding inventory reduces data entry work load. It also plans to launch its own email server. “Merrchant will add country-wise convenience bill payment application to the portal. This will enable users to pay electricity bills, phone bills, internet bills, water bills, etc., through Merrchant portal,” concludes Navrajvir.

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